Why Put Tea Bags in the Toilet: Folk Methods to Remove Urinary Stone

Many people throw away used tea bags, but they can be a great way to remove plaque in the toilet.

Many homeowners are concerned about how to clean the toilet bowl at home. Plaque and yellow stains are difficult to remove even with toxic household chemicals, but ordinary tea bags can help. Rumor has it that this method was invented by Chinese housewives. Tea bags are the best remedy for the removal of urinary stones.

Why do you put tea bags in the toilet?

Many people throw away tea bags in vain after drinking tea. But don’t be so quick to get rid of them. Tea bags are a valuable and very effective toilet cleaner. They quickly fight plaque and destroy the unpleasant smell. If you put the tea bags in the toilet, you will forget about the agony of cleaning them forever. In addition, this method of cleaning helps to get rid of germs.

How to clean the toilet with a tea bag

If you do not know how you can clean the toilet bowl inside, use tea bags. You need to put them on the area of plaque and dirt, and then leave them there for about 20 minutes. It is easier to leave the tea bags in the toilet bowl overnight.

After the tea works and soaks up the stains, the bags should be taken out and thrown away. The toilet bowl should be cleaned with a scrubber. After such a “compress” the toilet bowl will be clean again and will look like new. Thanks to the tea bags, you can forget about the problem of cleanliness and no longer have to worry about how you can clean the toilet bowl inside and how to get rid of yellow stains in the toilet bowl.

How to clean the toilet bowl with baking soda

If you do not want to fight the dirt on the toilet bowl with the help of tea bags, baking soda will come to the rescue. It too does a great job with dirt and helps remove plaque on the toilet bowl.

If you do not know how to clean the toilet bowl with baking soda, then it is very simple. Just pour the baking soda into the toilet bowl and leave it there for a while, depending on how bad the plaque is. You can even leave the soda for the whole night, and then wash it off with a brush and water.

You can also clean the toilet bowl with baking soda and vinegar. If you do not know how to clean the toilet bowl inside and how to clean the toilet knee, try making a simple solution. You need to add one tablespoon of baking soda to one glass of vinegar. The resulting solution should then be heated to 40-45 degrees, then pour it into the toilet bowl and leave it for the night. In the morning you will only have to wipe the plaque with a scrubber, yellow stone and stains will not remain.

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