Blood Type Diet: Does It Make Sense Or Is It Nonsense?

Lose weight and prevent diseases: The blood group diet promises well-being and healthier life. But how useful is this principle anyway?

According to the findings of the famous American naturopath Peter D’Adamo, the respective blood group determines which foods we tolerate and which make us ill. The blood group diet he developed is intended to prevent organ damage, increase performance and mental well-being and help with weight loss. We will explain to you what is behind this form of nutrition.

How does the blood type diet work?

When Peter D’Adamo published his book “4 Blood Groups – Four Strategies for a Healthy Life” in the 1990s, the naturopath caused a stir. The daring diet concept has been translated into several languages. All over the world, millions of people suddenly became interested in their blood type.

His theory: Each blood group is unique because, from an evolutionary point of view, they emerged in different periods of human development. According to D’Adamo, blood group 0 is the oldest blood group known to mankind. It evolved when humans were still hunters and gatherers. Accordingly, the blood group diet should also be tailored to the eating habits of these ancestors.

Blood group A is said to have only emerged with the population that became sedentary through agriculture and animal husbandry. Blood group B, on the other hand, developed among the nomadic peoples. At the very end, the two blood groups would then have mixed to form the AB type.

According to D’Adamo, each blood group reacts differently to certain proteins in food. The wrong proteins are supposed to stick together to the blood cells and promote diseases. For this reason, Peter D’Adamo has developed special guidelines for each blood group in his work – blood group-specific nutrition.

Blood group diet: What can you eat with which blood group?

According to D’Amando’s theory, which foods are evolutionarily suitable for you, and which ones should you avoid? An overview:

  • Blood group diet 0: Lots of meat but no grain products
    According to D’Adamo, the carriers of the original blood group have a resilient immune system and robust digestion. Like hunters and gatherers, they should be able to tolerate meat and fish in particular. The diet should therefore be high in protein. Fruit and vegetables are also healthy for this blood group. On the other hand, they should avoid dairy products, legumes, and grains.
  • Blood group diet A corresponds to a vegetarian diet
    People with blood group A should mainly eat vegetarian food. They have good immune systems but sensitive digestion. According to Amanda, plenty of fruit and vegetables are part of the menu here. Legumes, cereals, and beans are also considered digestible. Dairy and wheat products are taboo with a few exceptions.
  • Blood group diet B: Almost everything is allowed
    Carriers of blood group B should have both a strong immune system and robust digestion. As omnivores, they should tolerate most foods well: meat, eggs, milk, fruit, and vegetables. The only exceptions: are wheat, rye products, and poultry.
  • Blood group diet AB: Wheat products well tolerated
    The youngest blood type has a strong immune system but sensitive digestion, according to Amanda. Just like the A type, the AB type should also have a vegetarian diet. Fish, meat, and dairy products should be easily digestible in small amounts. This blood group is also the only one that tolerates wheat well.

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