Borage Oil: How Much Healing Power Is In The Oil?

Borage oil is considered an effective remedy for all kinds of ailments. It is said to have positive effects, especially in children, especially in the case of neurodermatitis and other skin diseases. But does borage oil have this effect?

Borage seed oil is said to have a positive effect on the treatment of skin diseases. The special feature of the oil is: It has one of the highest naturally occurring levels of extremely healthy gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Origin, distribution, and cultivation areas of borage

The borage oil obtained from the seeds of the borage plant (Borago officinalis) is popularly known as a cucumber herb because its leaves are reminiscent of cucumber. Borage is originally native to North Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe, and Western Asia. But now the plant is found almost all over Europe and North America.

Already in the Middle Ages, spice and the medicinal plant were a fixed and important part of the local medicinal medicine of many monasteries. It is still one of the most popular plants in cottage gardens and herb gardens. Both the flowers and leaves and especially the seeds find cosmetic and medicinal uses.

Production: How to get borage oil

As with the extraction of other oils, the borage plant is first dried and the components are separated from one another. The seeds are then mechanically pressed. The cold-pressed oil contains numerous ingredients that can have positive effects on the organism.

Ingredients: This is found in borage seed oil

Borage oil is known and loved primarily for its fatty acids, which are essential for the body. Gamma-linolenic acid and other omega-6 fatty acids can affect the maturation process of blood cells. This has a positive effect on the immune system and can inhibit inflammation.

The vitamin C content of fresh borage plants in particular is also impressive. 100 grams of fresh borage contains almost 150 milligrams of vitamin C, while the same amount of lemon contains only 53 milligrams of vitamin C.

These ingredients are in borage oil:

  • various fatty acids such as omega-6 fatty acids
  • Vitamin C (especially when fresh)
  • essential oils
  • saponin
  • resin
  • mucilage
  • tannins
  • silica
  • potassium nitrate

Borage oil for neurodermatitis

Regarding neurodermatitis, spices and medicinal plants are said to help in particular. Some doctors, naturopaths, and sufferers still rely on borage oil to care for and soothe stressed skin. The extremely high gamma-linolenic acid content of 23 percent rightly prompted scientists to check its effectiveness.

Eight studies with orally administered borage oil analyzed in 2013 showed the following: Patients suffering from neurodermatitis who took borage oil did not experience any significant improvement in symptoms. Earlier studies also concluded that borage oil does not work in neurodermatitis.

Effect of borage oil

Even if the healing effect of borage seed oil with neurodermatitis has not yet been proven, other positive effects can be felt. The anti-inflammatory effect can be best used as a remedy for joint pain and complaints such as rheumatism and arthritis.

Besides that

  • borage seed oil relieves itching,
  • soothes dry spots
  • moisturizes
  • cares for the skin and
  • protects the skin from environmental influences.

Borage oil for skin and hair

Borage oil is particularly good for the skin. The oil supports the skin’s barrier function through the linoleic acid it contains and supplies the skin with moisture and thus protecting it from drying out.

The anti-inflammatory effect of linoleic acid is also said to have a positive effect on acne, stimulate the formation of new skin cells and act against cornification.

Borage oil also ensures healthy hair. For example, oil can act as a hair treatment for dry hair. To do this, put a small amount of oil in the hair before washing, leave it in and then rinse it out. The oil soothes the scalp and strengthens the hair.

Borage Oil Side Effects? You should pay attention to that!

The borage plant itself contains so-called pyrrolizidine alkaloids. These substances can damage the liver. However, the native borage seed oil only contains a harmless amount of it. However, patients with chronic diseases, especially of the liver, should consult their doctor before long-term use. Pregnant women and children should also refrain from taking the oil to be on the safe side, as there are conflicting statements about tolerability and mode of action.

Where can you buy borage oil?

Apart from online shops, the oil can also be bought in organic shops and health food stores. It should be ensured that it is pure borage oil and that the product has not been mixed with other oils. If the latter is the case, borage oil may not have the desired effect.

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