Can you find international cuisines in North Korea?

International Cuisines in North Korea: A Rare Delight?

As one of the most secretive countries in the world, North Korea is often seen as a culinary mystery. While it is well known that the country has a distinct cuisine of its own, many would wonder whether international cuisines are available in North Korea. Given the country’s isolation and strict control over imports, it might seem unlikely that one can find a diversity of global cuisine in North Korea. However, the reality is more complex than that, and finding international food in North Korea is indeed possible, albeit a rare delight.

The State of International Food in the DPRK

North Korea’s food system has long been a subject of concern, particularly in terms of food security and access to basic necessities. While the country has made some progress in recent years, food shortages and malnutrition remain pervasive, especially among the most vulnerable populations. Given this context, it might seem trivial to talk about international cuisine in North Korea. However, the availability of global food does offer some insight into the country’s relationship with the outside world and its evolving economic and political landscape.

Exploring the Limited Variety of Global Cuisine in North Korea

While international cuisine may not be a common sight in North Korea, some places do offer foreign food options, albeit with certain limitations. For example, some hotels and restaurants in Pyongyang, the country’s capital, serve Chinese, Japanese, and Western-style dishes, often adapted to local tastes and ingredients. However, these places are primarily catering to foreigners, diplomats, and elites, who have more access and purchasing power than the average North Korean citizen. For most North Koreans, international food remains a distant and exotic concept, reserved for special occasions or propaganda events.

In conclusion, while finding international cuisine in North Korea is a rare delight, it is possible to do so in certain places and contexts. However, the limited availability and accessibility of global food underscore the challenges and complexities of the country’s food system and its relationship with the outside world. As North Korea continues to navigate its path towards economic and political openness, it remains to be seen how its cuisine and food culture will evolve and adapt to these changes.

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