Carnauba Wax: This Is What You Need to Know About The Vegan Wax

Carnauba Wax: This is what it is used for

Depending on its origin, carnauba wax is colored yellow, yellow-green, or grey. You can also buy carnauba wax in raw form from specialist retailers, usually as a powder.

  • The melting point of carnauba wax is relatively high compared to other waxes. Therefore the wax is comparatively hard. Due to the strong shine, carnauba wax is often used in industry.
  • The wax ensures stability in cosmetic products in particular, and it provides additional shine in polishes and cleaning agents. But the wax is also often used in food.
  • To prevent gummy bears and chewing gum from sticking together and giving them a nice shine, they are given a protective layer of carnauba wax. Other candies and citrus fruits also get this coating.
  • However, carnauba wax cannot be digested by the body. Since the amounts are always very small, it is considered harmless. You can identify carnauba wax on food packaging by the number E903 in the ingredients.
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