Carving Turkey – This Is How It Works

Turkey carving made easy

For carving, you need either a carving knife or a knife with a long blade without a serrated or serrated edge. A cutting board, a carving fork, and a serving platter are also required.

  • Place the turkey on the cutting board and put on disposable gloves.
  • Begin by removing the turkey thighs. To do this, these are bent outwards from the club and severed close to the bird’s body.
  • Separate the clubs at the knee joint.
  • Now you need to remove a little skin at the end of the neck and reach into the turkey. Feel the desired bone and pull it out with a little pressure. The bone is given to two of your guests to break apart.
  • Next up is the turkey’s breast. To do this, cut along the sternum from the neck to the end of the bird and carefully open it with both hands. In order not to tear the flesh, do not use too much force.
  • Hold the knife at an angle and run the blade along the torso. This way, you can easily separate brisket pieces from the turkey, which you can then cut into smaller pieces.
  • Always cut the brisket against the direction of the fibers. This will prevent bruising, which affects the quality of the meat.
    Heat the platter and place the chicken pieces on it.
  • Remember: cut and serve just a little of the turkey at a time. Turkeys are very large and if you cut them all at once, the individual pieces will cool too quickly.

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