Chopping Herbs – The Best Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for chopping herbs

Herbs come in many flavors. From coriander and lavender to lemon balm and the royal herb basil, you can refine a wide variety of dishes with natural spices. The following tips will help you effectively and quickly chop the herbs to use them in all sorts of delicacies.

  • Choose the right tool. A blunt knife is not recommended as this would only crush the herbs. That reduces the flavor immensely. A chopping knife, a mortar, or herb scissors are best suited. Alternatively, choose a sharp knife with a curved blade. Alternatively, just use your hands and tear up the herbs, which works well with parsley or mint, for example.
  • Be sure to sharpen the tools before cutting. Sharpening stones are best for this. The sharp edge makes it easier to penetrate the plant fibers, which does not destroy the aromas.
  • Work quickly. The faster you let the blade of the tool cut through the fibers, the fewer tannins are released. These could significantly worsen the aroma.
  • Before chopping, wash the herbs. If these are washed after crushing, a part is often lost down the drain.
  • To keep your herbs fresh, they should not be left in the sun or near heat sources when chopping. They dry out quickly and lose their aroma as a result.
  • You can, of course, use the herbs without chopping them if the recipe doesn’t specify it. The advantage: the aroma lasts longer because the essential oils cannot evaporate. This is particularly recommended for Mediterranean dishes.

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