Corona And Not Gaining Weight? 4 Simple Tips To Keep The Weight Off

Not gaining weight during the Corona crisis seems almost unthinkable due to lack of exercise, rampant boredom, and canned food. It’s easy with these tips.

It seems almost impossible: a healthy diet during the Corona crisis. And not only that: the lack of exercise also leaves its mark. Many are therefore rightly asking themselves how one manages not to gain weight in times of home office, contact bans, and quarantine. A few helpful tips can help you not gain weight despite the Corona crisis.

Corona crisis and diet – the problem: eat more, exercise less

The coronavirus has thrown social life quite a mess. A regular daily routine is no longer possible – and that also makes it so incredibly difficult when it comes to “eating” to stick to a normal level or certain dietary rules. Above all, the constant availability of food and the lack of alternatives makes it particularly difficult to resist the tempting delicacies. Depending on the type of food and disposition, various tips can help you to ensure that the Corona crisis does not turn into a figure disaster for you.

Tip no. 1: 3 main meals during home office and quarantine

One of the problems that make healthy eating so difficult: we eat, eat and eat. Instead of being outside in the fresh air, in the office or conference room, you are at home all the time and the fridge is usually only a few steps away. So why not treat yourself to a little snack?

If you’re plagued by the constant thought of food and just can’t resist, you should at least try not to munch all day. Regular mealtimes can help keep daily calories from skyrocketing. A meal in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, which can then be a bit more sumptuous, helps to keep track of things. If you would like to nibble on a chocolate bar, it is best to do so in the morning or at noon immediately after the main meal.

Tip No. 2: Losing weight with intermittent fasting during the Corona crisis?

Admittedly, it’s not exactly easy to only eat healthy food when the pantry is running low and you want to go out to shop as little as possible. Simply eat what you want without regrets or concerns – this principle underlies intermittent fasting. Here it is not important what you eat, but when you eat something. Intermittent fasting according to the 16:8 principle means, for example, that you can eat normally within eight hours and then fast for 16 hours. So you can eat one or two sweets in eight hours without gaining weight directly. On the contrary, many even lose weight with this method. In addition, intermittent fasting is said to be particularly health-promoting, as it has a positive effect on cell renewal. Just try it out!

Tip #3: Don’t give boring food a chance

Most of them don’t eat because they’re hungry, but out of boredom – and that can come up very quickly in times of Corona. Hence the tip: Make sure you have enough variety for the time after work. Calling family, knitting, making music, or finally reading one of those books you always wanted to read – now is the time. If the constant thought about food overshadows the entire evening, write it down. Why is food so important to you right now? Maybe you’re not bored at all, but rather count among the emotional eaters?

Tip No. 4: Stress avoidance: Emotions make you fat

It is not uncommon for there to be no boredom and certainly no hunger – and yet it has to be that one chocolate bar right now. Why? There are also many emotions associated with food. It stimulates the reward system and when work or family life is particularly stressful, many treat themselves to something special. It goes without saying that in the rarest of cases it is the apple that is eaten here. So make sure you don’t let stress set in in the first place. Taking deep breaths, meditating, or doing yoga can help reduce stress levels. Another positive effect: You not only eat less when you are relaxed, but the body also releases less cortisol, a hormone that is known to make you fat.

Not gaining weight and eating healthy during the Corona crisis are just one of the challenges that working from home, quarantine and the like bring with it. However, if you pay attention to a few little things, you can maintain your feel-good weight and maybe even lose weight.

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