Detox Treatment: Detoxification On The Fly

Detox treatment: detoxification on the fly

During a detox cure, you try to avoid certain foods to bring the body’s acid-base ratio into balance. This should help against tiredness and give the body new energy.

Time for a fresh start! A detox cure is ideal for bringing your body and soul into shape. It supports the body’s self-cleansing program, increases well-being, and provides lots of new energy.

Detox cure: Liver and kidney support

The scientific explanation for this: Our well-being depends heavily on whether the relationship between acids and bases in the body is balanced. Some foods such as sugar, meat, or bread form acids, while others such as fruit, vegetables, and rice are alkaline donors. This works regardless of taste. For example, sour lemons have a basic effect, while sweet chocolate is one of the acidic foods. As a rule, our detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, and intestines) can flush out acids. However, if these get the upper hand, they are deposited in the connective tissue – together with other pollutants from our environment. The result: our metabolism is throttled. We gain weight, feel weak, lack concentration, and are particularly susceptible to infections.

Find your inner balance with a detox treatment

But we can help our detoxification organs to flush out the harmful metabolic products and bring the acid-base ratio back into a healthy balance. For the detox cure, simply put only alkaline foods on your menu for a few days and avoid the acidic ones.

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