Diet After Gastric Reduction Surgery

Small portions are now on the agenda so as not to overload the mini-image – and very important: Eating and drinking must be separated.

After stomach reduction surgery, those affected have to learn how to eat all over again.

Recommendations from the 5th week after the operation

  • Meal structure: 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks.
  • The cornerstone of the diet should be high-protein and low-fat foods such as dairy products, eggs, legumes, nuts, meat, and fish. Always combined with a portion of vegetables or fruit. You can add a small carbohydrate side dish once or twice a day: potatoes, wholemeal pasta, rice, wholemeal bread, or unsweetened muesli.
  • Initially, portion sizes should not exceed 200 ml per meal. Finish the meal when you feel full.
  • Eat slowly and deliberately, don’t get distracted. Chew well (at least 20 times per bite).
  • Drink: no later than 30 minutes before and no earlier than 30 minutes after the meal – otherwise the food can “slip through” too quickly. Drink at least 2 liters of mineral water (non-carbonated) and unsweetened tea daily. Carbonated and sugary drinks are unsuitable.
  • Take dietary supplements daily.
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Written by John Myers

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