Dinkel: How Healthy Is It?

Spelled is considered a good alternative to conventional wheat. It should have more vitamins and minerals and be much more tolerable. And that, although spelled also belongs to the genus of wheat. But why is spelled so healthy and is it healthier than wheat? And what about the gluten content?

Why spelled is so healthy

Spelled is considered healthy, but why? The answer to this can be obtained by comparing the grain to conventional wheat. Spelled and conventional wheat are quite close together. That’s why the ingredients are similar. The content of vitamins and minerals that make grains like spelled healthy is only slightly higher than in wheat. The differences are so small that they hardly go beyond the natural fluctuations.

The question is also whether these differences in our eating habits are even relevant today. Spelled only scores with protein. The content is significantly higher than that of wheat. However, spelled bread or rolls from discounters or bakery shops often do not differ at all from wheat rolls.

Spell tastes a bit fuller than conventional wheat, which is a positive aspect of rolls and bread. However, this can falsify the taste of the cake or cookies. Incidentally, spelled flour is available in three different types: spelled flour 630, also type 812, and type 1050. The number indicates how many minerals the flour contains.

When harvested, the amount is not nearly as high as with normal wheat. That’s why he was ignored by the industry for a long time. Only in recent years has healthily spelled experienced a renaissance and is being cultivated more frequently again. However, the prices are higher.

Is spelled healthier than wheat now?

Despite the small differences, spelled is a healthy alternative to conventional wheat. Just like spelled itself, spelled flour is healthier than conventional wheat flour. Spelled not only has a slightly higher proportion of nutrients and ingredients, but it is also much more digestible than conventional wheat.

How much gluten does spelled contain?

More and more people suffer from gluten intolerance and are looking for alternatives. This is precisely why spelled is often used because many people tolerate it better than conventional wheat. But: Spelled also contains gluten, even more than conventional wheat.

However, spelled lacks certain gluten, namely the protein omega-gliadin (ω-gliadin). This is often responsible for allergic reactions in case of intolerance. This does not help if you have a severe gluten intolerance. Because ω-gliadin is not the only trigger for the side effects. If someone suffers from a severe intolerance, a spell is not a healthy alternative either.

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