Early Morning Exercise: What Are The Advantages Of Exercise In The Morning?

By exercising in the morning, you improve the quality of your sleep, achieve faster weight loss, and start the day with more energy. What sounds too good to be true has been proven by studies. All about morning exercise.

Why morning exercise?

The morning hour catches the worm – also about sporting activities. Anyone who has ever done morning exercise knows the positive effect: the circulation gets going, you start the day fitter and you are much more balanced.

Especially people who have to overcome their weaker selves to exercise benefit from sweating in the morning – after all, the item on the program is ticked off early on. The professional association of German internists also recommends exercising in the morning. This not only increases your performance but also the quality of your sleep,

Better sleep by exercising in the morning

You can significantly improve your sleep through early morning exercise, as the professional association of German internists emphasizes. This was proven by a study in which subjects were examined who preferred to exercise in the morning, at noon, or in the evening.

The participants who cycled for 30 minutes a day at 7 a.m. slept best: testing their sleep showed that they went through more light sleep and deep sleep phases than the others. As a result, they increased their total number of sleep cycles and thus their sleep quality.

Lose weight faster with morning exercise

If you exercise in the morning before breakfast, you will lose excess pounds more quickly. This is the result of a study by the British University of Bath. For this purpose, eight overweight people were examined after the workout.

It was shown that the people who trained before breakfast drew their energy from the body’s fat reserves and thus actively promoted fat burning. However, those who exercised after breakfast only used the calories from the previous meal.

More energy for the day

Morning exercise also gives you plenty of energy to get through the day. A study by Brigham Young University in the United States found that morning athletes are generally more active throughout the day.

What should be considered when exercising in the morning?

In everyday life, it is sometimes not so easy to do morning exercise every day. Especially if you work or have to look after your children, exercising in the morning can seem challenging at first. Training in the morning doesn’t have to be difficult.

  • Duration of the training: Even short training units of ten minutes or more have positive effects.
  • Time: Morning exercise before breakfast is particularly effective. In studies on early morning exercise, the subjects usually trained at 7 a.m.
  • Time to wake up: When you wake up, allow at least ten minutes to wake up calmly.
  • Listen to your body: Every cycle is different. Find out what exercise suits you best in the morning.

Which sports are particularly suitable for morning exercise?

The following sports are made for morning exercise. They help you gather energy for the day.

  • yoga
  • pilates
  • jogging, running, or walking
  • To go biking
  • To swim

Particularly strenuous sports are also suitable for the morning, but they could cause problems, especially for people with circulatory problems. Demanding strength and cardio training should only be done in the morning when you feel fit enough.

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