Eating Avocado Raw: What You Should Know About It

The question of whether you can eat an avocado raw often arises if you have never eaten the exotic fruit. The avocado, also known as the butter pear, has been hailed as the quintessential superfood for quite some time.

Eating avocado raw – you should know that

Avocados look a little strange at first glance. In addition to the question of whether the fruit can safely be eaten raw, many people are concerned about how to get at the pulp in the first place. With its knobbed shell, it looks quite impregnable. But don’t worry, slicing and opening the avocado isn’t nearly as complicated as it first appears.

  • After opening the avocado, you can scoop the flesh out of the skin. This also answers the question of whether you can safely eat the avocado raw. If you eat the butter pear raw, you also have the advantage that all nutrients are retained without restriction.
  • In addition to its monounsaturated fatty acids, the avocado has some vitamins, such as vitamin A, many B vitamins, vitamins C and E, biotin and folic acid as well as alpha-carotene and beta-carotene. There are also minerals, secondary plant substances, proteins, and a lot of calcium.
  • However, the taste of the fruit is not necessarily for everyone. An option to spice up the taste of the fruit is, for example, an avocado dip, which is quick and easy to make yourself.
  • Due to its consistency, the avocado is also a good addition to green smoothies or salads.
  • You can safely eat the avocado raw, but you don’t have to. If you don’t like the taste of the raw fruit at all, you have numerous other options. This includes, for example, grilling the avocado or the avocado fries.
  • The raw avocado can also be easily processed into a delicious sweet or hearty vegan spread.
  • In addition to the flesh, the avocado consists of a relatively large stone. When it comes to the question of whether you should eat the avocado stone, opinions differ. The fact is, however, that the avocado core contains the poison persin.
  • However, you don’t have to throw away the core. Just try growing your own avocados.

You should also know this about the avocado

The avocado is particularly popular with vegans and vegetarians because the fruit has a very high-fat content. This makes it great to use instead of animal products like butter or eggs.

  • Because of its nutrients, avocado is quite good for health. However, the hype surrounding the fruit is not unproblematic. Upstaging the avocado as the savior par excellence is primarily in the interest of the avocado industry, which should be rubbing its hands enthusiastically.
  • Because of the overexploitation of nature that takes place in order to grow the fruit, animals, and people lose their habitat. Added to this is the long transport route. Therefore, the assertion that the avocado is an environmental polluter is by no means unjustified.

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