Eating When You are Acidic: Which Foods You Should Use Now

If your body is acidic, you should eat foods that bring the acid-base balance back into balance. You can find out which foods are particularly well suited to this in this practical tip.

Eating with hyperacidity – alkaline foods help

Sugar, coffee, fast food, and ready meals such as pizza have a negative effect on the acid-base balance and cause the body to become acidic. The same applies to many animal products such as meat, cheese, or eggs. You should avoid these foods. Instead, you should pay attention to an alkaline diet for a certain period of time.

  • For this reason, you should mainly eat fruit. Apples and pears are delicious. But apricots and black currants are also among the basic types of fruit.
  • It is important that you only eat really ripe fruit. Unripe fruit can have the opposite effect and increase acidity even further.
  • Some types of vegetables also help against hyperacidity. Tasty dishes can be prepared with potatoes, carrots, zucchini, or cauliflower. In addition, these varieties help against acidification.
  • Herbs are not only generally healthy and refine many dishes, but they also have an alkaline effect on your body.

Not only the right food helps with hyperacidity

Diet has a major impact on the acid-base balance. But stress and little exercise also damage both the metabolism and the acid-base balance.

  • So, if possible, ensure a relaxed lifestyle and get enough exercise.
  • You also get rid of excess acids in the body if you drink a lot. It is best to use mineral water with little carbonic acid. Green tea is also good for this purpose but contains a lot of caffeine. It is important that you drink two to three liters of liquid per day.

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