Enoki: What Effect Does The Mushroom Have?

In recent years, enoki has conquered the food markets and has become an internationally sought-after edible mushroom. Why is he so appreciated by everyone?

The effect of Enoki should be a very special one. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), its positive effects on a weakened immune system are appreciated. Naturopaths also recommend the mushroom as an accompaniment to chemotherapy or radiation therapy in cancer patients.

The Japanese term Enoki hides the common velvet foot, a type of mushroom from East Asia. Its scientific name is Flammulina velutipes. Enoki grows on the wood of dead deciduous trees and has been cultivated in China for more than 1,000 years. The easy breeding makes it a popular edible mushroom. It is also an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, which is attributed to the effect of its protein compounds, among other things.

What are the areas of application and what is the effect of Enoki?

TCM doctors from Japan have observed that Enoki breeders are less likely to develop cancer than the general population. They, therefore, suspect a protective effect of the fungus. If cancer has occurred, patients should also benefit from Enoki, which alternative practitioners explain with immune-modulating effects. Chemo and radiation therapies are said to be more tolerable, as some of the fungus’s ingredients have antioxidant properties. Another area of ​​application is the balance of the immune system: in the case of allergies, an overactive immune system attacks harmless substances (allergens) such as proteins in pollen (hay fever). However, if our defenses react too weakly to intruders, we get infections more often. For a balanced immune system, naturopaths recommend treatment with Enoki. Last but not least, these vitalizing properties are used by people with severe exhaustion or tiredness (fatigue), which occurs as a side effect of many diseases, such as cancer or multiple sclerosis (MS).

In what dosage should Enoki be used?

TCM doctors work with dried, powdered enoki. This has several advantages: Tablets or capsules are taste-neutral and are easy to take – not everyone appreciates the taste of mushrooms. In addition, the content of ingredients varies with fresh mushrooms. For treatment, take the daily dose according to the manufacturer’s instructions, divided into several portions. At least two liters of mineral water or unsweetened tea should be drunk. Digestive disorders can occur at the beginning, but usually, disappear by themselves after several days. However, those affected should not expect too much from the application in the case of serious illnesses. One should not compare Enoki with medicines from conventional medicine that are approved with high-quality study data. With TCM mushrooms like Enoki, there are often only studies that have been carried out with cell cultures or with test animals, but not with humans. Patients should always follow the doctor’s advice and not discontinue any prescribed medication on their own.

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