Five Steps To Cleanse The Body

Any cleaning is a significant stress for the body! If we can leave our home uncleaned for a long time, make it impossible to clean, and then arrange a general cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning, and detergents, then you can’t do that with your internal organs! It is much easier and better, just like in life, not to “litter”!

Start with water

And this is not the case when it is “too late to drink Borjomi”! It’s never too late to drink it! Not medicinal mineral water, but ordinary clean drinking water. It is water that helps to dissolve and remove poisons and toxins from the body. Without enough water, additional self-poisoning of the body occurs, and instead of benefiting, we only further harm the body.

Eat a balanced diet

Now let’s talk about how and what to eat during any cleanse.
Remember that with any cleansing, your diet should remain complete and not deplete your body. Yes, of course, some restrictions provided by the program are permissible, but these should be reasonable restrictions, justified!

Choose a method of cleansing the body

As always, you need to start “cleansing” from the head! It is important not only to understand why you need it but also to thoroughly understand the method, to make sure it is harmless to the body. And to do this, before starting the cleansing, be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you have any chronic diseases. It is important to exclude possible contraindications. For example, intensive cleansing is strictly contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

And by the way, you should choose the most comfortable cleaning methods. Remember that any procedure that requires a person to abandon their usual lifestyle is stressful.
Therefore, if one of the cleansing methods is not suitable for you, but you use it, there will be little benefit from it, but depression is guaranteed.

Think about the time and schedule of cleansing

It is equally important to plan your cleansing activities in advance so that you don’t have the urge to fail without completing the procedure. After all, once you fail, it is incredibly difficult to start all over again.

Cleansing should be done once, a maximum of twice a year. Most often, it is recommended to “cleanse” in late winter and early spring.

Remember that during the cleanse, you may experience headaches, nausea, and weakness. These phenomena are temporary and they pass quickly enough.

To achieve the maximum effect during the course of cleansing, it would be good to sign up for a massage, visit a bathhouse or sauna, do a peeling procedure, and of course, be sure to do morning exercises and generally try to lead a more active lifestyle.

Prepare your body in advance

It is better to prepare for cleansing the body in advance. About a month beforehand, it is better to exclude fatty, fried, very salty, spicy, and other particularly harmful foods from the diet. In two weeks, it is ideal to give up meat and animal fats and switch to plant foods and dairy products. If this has not yet become a habit, then make it a rule not to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime.

It is recommended to start (and ideally end) the cleansing with a fasting or fasting day. Such unloading should last 36 hours, from the evening of the first day to the morning of the third.
During this time, drink 2-2.5 liters of water and 5-6 glasses of fruit drink, green tea, or any herbal decoction. An equally effective start to cleansing is fasting days on raw fruits and vegetables, kefir, or cottage cheese.

In principle, if you change your diet, it will already be a great “cleansing”! Try to gradually give up junk food, or at least minimize its consumption. Switching to a so-called “natural diet” allows you to avoid special cleansing altogether. A detox diet implies, first of all, the rejection of semi-finished products and canned foods, because you never know what is “mixed in”; the rejection of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, refined foods, and deeply processed foods. You can consume fermented dairy products in any quantity (while minimizing the consumption of whole milk and butter), eat only whole grain bread, unpeeled and unbleached rice, unrefined oil, honey, and dried fruit as sweets. Cook food only by boiling or baking. And most importantly – drink a lot! And after two to three weeks of this diet, you will see significant positive changes!

How to evaluate the effectiveness of cleansing? By improving your well-being, a slight weight loss, and improving laboratory test results.

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