Freezing Milk: This Is How Milk Can Be Kept For A Long Time

Too much milk in the fridge? Not bad! You can easily freeze milk and thaw it later when needed. Our tips make it easy and convenient.

Fresh milk often only lasts a few days. And every now and then it happens that we buy too much milk – or cannot use the rest of an opened milk bottle. Our tip: put it in the freezer! Milk can be frozen well and thus saved from spoilage.

First of all: Frozen milk loses some of its taste. It is therefore no longer quite as suitable for drinking on its own as fresh milk – but those who use the milk for their coffee or for cooking or baking will not notice any difference.

Freezing milk: tips & tricks

It is best to freeze milk well before the best-before date (BBD) has expired.
Glass bottles are not suitable for freezing milk. Since liquids expand as they freeze, the frozen milk could crack the bottle. It is best to freeze milk in tetra packs or in a plastic bottle that is not completely full.
It rarely makes sense to freeze UHT milk, as heating it will keep it for a few months anyway. But if you have an opened pack of UHT milk in the fridge and you won’t be able to use the milk in the next few days, you can also freeze it without any problems.
It is best to note on the pack when you froze the milk.
Small amounts of milk can also be frozen in ice cube trays.
Frozen milk has a shelf life of two to three months.
You can also freeze coconut milk, liquid cream and grain milk.

Thaw frozen milk again

It is best to let the milk thaw slowly in the refrigerator. Frozen milk does not tolerate rapid heating in the microwave. Once thawed, it should be used up quickly.

In the freezer, the fats separate from the protein molecules and settle at the bottom of the container. You should therefore shake the milk vigorously after defrosting so that the milk components mix again.

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