Germinate Oats: The Best Tips and Tricks

With the right tips, you can also successfully germinate oats at home. If you do everything right, you will already have oat sprouts after three days, which you can then add to healthy muesli, for example.

Germinate oats in the special jar

Oat sprouts contain a lot of healthy vital substances that your body can benefit from. It is best to use naked oats. Because only this oat actually germinates. You will also need a special germination jar. The special thing about this is the lid. This is made in the form of a sieve so that you can drain off the excess water easily.

  1. First, rinse the glass with hot water to kill bacteria and germs.
  2. Then take 300g of naked oats and rinse the grains well with water.
  3. You can already put the grains in the glass and fill it with water. Then shake the glass back and forth to wash away dirt and soil.
  4. Finally, drain off the water. You can also use the water to water your flowers, for example.

Results are visible after three days

You should always rinse the grains very well. Otherwise, germs and bacteria can form. So make sure you do it cleanly.

  1. Now fill the glass with three times the amount of oat grains. Now the oat grains have to swell for about eight hours. The temperature should be around 20 degrees. Therefore, wrap the jar in a cloth and leave it in a warm place.
  2. After eight hours, pour off the water and fill the glass with fresh water for rinsing. Swirl the glass and pour off the water.
  3. The glass must then be placed in a drainer so that the excess water does not remain in the glass. Otherwise, mold can form, for example.
  4. Put the jar in a bright place. But make sure that no direct sun falls on the glass.
  5. For the next two to three days, the grains must be rinsed regularly. Repeat this twice a day.
  6. As soon as seedlings can be seen, you can process the oat grains further. Before eating, however, the grains must be rinsed with clean water.
  7. To keep the oat sprouts fresh for longer, you can dry them in the oven or in the dehydrator.
  8. The germination of flaxseed or buckwheat seeds works in a similar way.

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