Glucose: when the body needs energy

Exhaustion spreads when you exercise, and you lose concentration at your desk: You need fresh fuel! Glucose can now quickly provide energy and we can continue.

Get going with glucose

If we are in a low state of performance, something sweet is needed: Many people follow this reflex. And in fact, we consume energy just by thinking. Pure dextrose (glucose) or sugar, which consists of half fructose and half dextrose, has the advantage that it is quickly absorbed by the body and causes blood sugar to rise quickly: we feel more efficient again. Glucose, a component of many foods, provides fresh energy somewhat more slowly because the body first has to break down the carbohydrate in the intestine. Glucose is mainly found in the eponymous grapes and other fruits, in honey, and in starchy foods such as bread, pasta, and potatoes. Anyone striving for a sugar-free diet should pay attention to the amount they eat.

How healthy is the type of sugar?

Sugar and carbohydrates in general have recently fallen into disrepute as fattening foods. When it comes to glucose, you should actually pay attention to the amount, not just because of the calories. Because of the rapid absorption into the blood, the simple sugar does not last long and you may soon have cravings. Enjoyed in moderation, but there is nothing wrong with sucking on a dextrose candy every now and then as a quick source of energy. Type 2 diabetics are advised to always carry some glucose with them: in the event of an insulin overdose, they can prevent hypoglycemia with the readily available glucose. If you suffer from fructose intolerance, you can increase your tolerance to fructose if you consume glucose at the same time. The menu does not have to contain exclusively fructose-free foods or low-fructose recipes.

Using dextrose in the kitchen

You can use pure glucose in the form of powder or liquid glucose syrup to bake cakes, sweeten desserts, creams, and ice cream or refine drinks. The syrup in particular has advantageous properties: it makes ice cream, praline fillings, and icings – for example, delicious mirror-glaze tarts – nice and creamy. You can buy it ready-made or simply make it yourself by boiling dextrose in about three times the amount of water while stirring and then adding water until the desired consistency is reached. In tightly sealed jars, the glucose juice will keep for about a year.

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