Grilling a Melon – The Best Tips

Grilling melon: Tips for delicious watermelon and honeydew melon

You can grill both watermelons and honeydew melons. Both varieties taste greatly grilled. Therefore, below we give you the best tips to help you with the preparation:

  • Slice thickness: You should cut the melon into slices about two to three centimeters thick. This is the ideal thickness for the melon to grill well. Thinner strips will break through faster, thicker slices will only grill the outermost layer properly.
  • Heat: You should never grill melons over an open flame. It is better if you place the slices on one edge of the grill. There you get indirect heat and cook slower. Tip: Place the melons on an aluminum tray so that most of the water that escapes is retained and doesn’t drip into the grill.
  • Turning: You have to turn the melons so that both sides are cooked. To avoid breaking the melon slices, you should use a large spatula. This is particularly practical if the melon is to be turned several times.
  • Tip: If you don’t want to grill individual slices, you can place the melon in half on the grill, depending on the size. This gives you a very crispy top and soft flesh on the inside. You can also enjoy the pulp inside warm.

Grilled melon: delicious seasoning

For the grilled melon to taste its best, you should season it properly.

  • Sweetening: The melons become particularly tasty if you sprinkle some brown sugar over the slices. This melts on the grill, leaving a nice layer of caramel. If you prefer a different taste, you can refine the melon with salt, pepper, or oil after grilling.
  • Serving: In summer, you should serve the grilled melons with ice cream or cream. The sweetness of the ice cream and the taste of the grilled melon is a very good combination and particularly suitable for hot summer days.

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