Saltimbocca, tomatoes with mozzarella, and rosemary potatoes: dishes like these would be unthinkable without the aromatic herbs sage, basil, and rosemary. The healthy seasoning ingredients enrich our kitchen with a variety of flavors and go well with a wide variety of dishes. We’ll tell you which types of herbs are used the most in the kitchen – and may soon decorate your kitchen window. Of course, we have also put together the right herbal recipes for you.

Growing kitchen herbs: How to care for them

Anyone who has ever brought a pot of basil home from the supermarket knows that it is not that easy to keep the greenery healthy and beautiful. Each herb requires individual care. This starts with the location – sunny, semi-shady, cool – and continues with the right size of the kitchen herb pot and with watering and fertilizing. It doesn’t matter whether you want to grow your herbs on the balcony or in a herb spiral in your own garden: In our herbology section, we give you practical tips that make planting kitchen herbs almost child’s play.

Get the best out of your kitchen herbs

When do I actually add fresh herbs to the sauce when cooking and how do I keep a bunch of kitchen herbs that I don’t need right away? Herbs can be stored in a number of ways, such as chopped up in ice cube trays in the freezer. Discover more tips for using and storing parsley, rosemary, dill & co. Including brief instructions on how to hang up and dry kitchen herbs.

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