Is Dark Chocolate Healthier Than Light?

Dark chocolate has a reputation for being healthier than light. After all, it contains more cocoa and less sugar. But does that make it really better?

Overall, one can say that dark chocolate is healthier than light. Because it has less added sugar. This is not only better for dental health. The blood sugar level rises more slowly after consumption than with light milk chocolate. This prevents cravings for even more sweets for a longer period of time.

However, dark chocolate does not have fewer calories. Dark chocolate also provides concentrated energy that the body first has to burn off.

Dark chocolate contains more flavanols

The higher cocoa content has advantages and disadvantages: The flavanols contained in cocoa can have a positive effect on the heart and circulation. The plant substances can make the blood vessels more elastic and slightly lower blood pressure.

Flavanols belong to the flavonoids. Many of these botanicals are coloring agents. They are considered to protect cells and can be found in many types of fruit and vegetables, for example in apples and grapes or aubergines and kale.

Cocoa beans can be contaminated with cadmium

Let’s move on to the downsides: Cocoa beans can also accumulate heavy metals like cadmium from the soil. It is absorbed through the roots. Occasionally, products from certain growing areas exceed the limit values.

Cadmium can occur in cultivation areas with volcanic soil conditions. It is also contained in particular in mineral phosphate fertilizers. The heavy metal accumulates in the body. Ingested in high doses over a long period of time, cadmium can damage the kidneys and bones.

Always enjoy chocolate in moderation

Whether dark or light: chocolate is still a luxury food. Excessive consumption of dark chocolate also affects the hips. That is why chocolates, bars, and the like should only be enjoyed in moderation.

This might also interest you: Be careful when choosing milk chocolate: Our chocolate test in 2019 showed that many products are contaminated with mineral oil. In addition, in our view, many manufacturers do not make enough effort to ensure the sustainable and fair cultivation of cocoa beans. Only two products scored “good”.

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