Life is Movement!

The more we move, the healthier we become. It is estimated that an average person should take 10,000 steps per day. And while it used to be easy to meet this minimum before the advent of vehicles, today we increasingly prefer the comfortable soft seats of our cars.

Meanwhile, a sedentary lifestyle is the number one enemy that causes the greatest harm to human health!

When we sit for a long time, our metabolism and blood circulation slow down, and muscle activity decreases. Blood stagnates in the legs, which can cause blood clots. Muscles that do not work absorb fewer nutrients from the blood, which can negatively affect carbohydrate metabolism and lead to insulin resistance – a precursor to diabetes!

To prevent this from happening, you need to move a lot every day. It’s not that difficult to meet your daily step count: just walk to the office instead of taking public transportation, or get off 1-2 stops earlier and take a walk, or take the elevator to your floor instead.

Being a pedestrian is good for your health! Hippocrates believed that the benefits of walking for a person are so great that they cannot be compared to any medicine.

Modern doctors are convinced that walking reduces excess weight. A 20-minute daily walk reduces the risk of premature death by 30%. It improves metabolism and normalizes blood sugar levels. Bones, muscles, and joints are strengthened. There is an increase in body tone, a decrease in cholesterol and blood sugar Blood pressure is normalized. The risk of respiratory and heart diseases is reduced. Mood improves due to the production of endorphin (the hormone of happiness). The functioning of all organs improves, and efficiency increases.

A 10-minute walk at an active pace every day is enough. Doctors emphasize that the intensity of walking is as important as the number of steps.

Walking is good not only for you but also for the environment. Recent studies have shown that in Ukrainian cities, the biggest air pollutants are not industrial waste, but exhaust gases from cars.

Walks are suitable for everyone – they are free! All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes!

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Written by John Myers

Professional Chef with 25 years of industry experience at the highest levels. Restaurant owner. Beverage Director with experience creating world-class nationally recognized cocktail programs. Food writer with a distinctive Chef-driven voice and point of view.

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