Lose Belly Fat: The Best Exercises And Diet Tips

The best way to lose belly fat is through targeted exercise and a balanced diet. Slimming down on the stomach not only helps to achieve a slimmer line but also protects against serious illnesses. We reveal which abdominal exercises to do at home and which diet will melt the fat the fastest.

Losing belly fat requires a combination of specific exercises and a balanced diet. Even those who may still feel comfortable with their waist circumference can already belong to the risk group of those who could be harmed by the bacon rolls. Because above a certain level, abdominal fat is unhealthy and carries a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, or Alzheimer’s. Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is said to increase the risk of cancer.

Losing weight on the stomach – that’s why it’s so important for our health

In general, fat cells are there to store fat and water and to release these substances when needed. But especially the so-called visceral fat can become a health problem. The fat stored in the free abdominal cavity, which envelops the internal organs, is there to protect them and also serves as an energy reserve for bad times when the body does not get enough food.

If the body stores more visceral fat than is biologically reasonable due to improper diet or insufficient physical activity, the abdominal circumference increases – and ultimately also to an increased risk of disease.

Measure the waist circumference correctly

To be able to reduce abdominal circumference in a targeted manner, the current situation must be determined. It should therefore be measured with a tape measure at the height of the navel, preferably in the morning before breakfast. For women with a waist circumference of 80 centimeters or more, there is an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes mellitus. For men, the limit is 94 centimeters. A waist circumference of 88 centimeters is considered to be very dangerous for women, and it becomes dangerous for men from 102 centimeters.

Lose belly fat with these exercises

The more we move, the more energy our body uses. With this simple calculation in mind, you already have a basic understanding of the next step. Because to lose fat in the stomach quickly, the right muscles must be trained. A combination of endurance sports such as jogging and swimming and targeted strength training is the best sport against belly fat. You don’t have to call up top performance for this. In the beginning, it is enough if you train twice a week for one hour each. After about a month you can increase the training workload to three to four units per week. It doesn’t take long for them to lose belly fat.

However, you can also achieve quick results with special abdominal exercises for daily training at home – provided you do them at least every other day. If you want to lose belly fat fast, you should rely on these three exercises:

1. Reduce lower belly fat with puppets
In women, the rolls of fat often accumulate a little further down, just above the pubic bone. The so-called woman’s belly should therefore be trained a little differently than is the case with men. So-called marionettes are most suitable for this:

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Lie on your back and bend your legs slightly. The heels stay on the ground, the toes can be lifted slightly.
  2. Extend your arms forward parallel to the floor.
  3. Slowly move your upper body up, as if you are being pulled up by the sternum by a rope or a puppeteer.
  4. Keep your upper body straight the whole time and do not bend.
  5. Gently lower your upper body again without laying it completely on the floor.
  6. Repeat the exercise five times, then take a one-minute break. Do a total of three sets.

2. Crunches as the most effective exercise to lose belly fat
The classic abdominal exercise is also the most effective. Crunches work like the women’s abdominal exercise above, with a few differences. The exercise trains the upper abdominal muscles in particular, which in men are often hidden by a very expansive abdomen.

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Lie on your back and bend your legs about 90 degrees.
  2. Raise your arms to the side and lightly touch your temples with your fingertips.
  3. Raise your upper body until your shoulders no longer touch the floor. Draw all your strength from your torso. Keep your head in line with your torso.
  4. Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly lower your upper body again.
  5. Repeat 10 to 20 times, and do three sets.

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