Make Hazelnut Butter Yourself – That’s How It Works

This is how you quickly prepare the hazelnut butter yourself

If you have decided to roast the hazelnuts beforehand, first heat the oven to around 180 degrees.

  • Roast the hazelnuts in the preheated oven for about ten minutes. Make sure that the nuts do not turn black, as this will negatively affect the taste of the sauce.
  • After taking the hazelnuts out of the oven, let them cool down first.
  • Grind the cooled hazelnuts in a powerful blender at least until the oil has escaped from the nuts. This usually takes about ten minutes.
  • How long you grind the hazelnuts in total ultimately depends on how fine you want your homemade hazelnut butter to be.
  • Finally, fill the hazelnut butter into a container, such as a mason jar, and seal it airtight.

Make your own hazelnuts – that’s why it’s worth it

Hazelnut butter not only tastes good and can be used in many ways – but it is also healthy. Doing it yourself is not difficult. Worth it!

  • Of course, this only applies if you don’t use too much sugar or additives during production.
  • With the homemade hazelnut butter, you alone determine which ingredients are added to the butter and in what quantity. You also save a lot of money, especially if you harvest the hazelnuts in your garden yourself. Good organic hazelnut butter is healthy, but not exactly cheap.
  • The only ingredients you need for your mush are hazelnuts. You can of course add sugar, but this shortens the storage time considerably. Unsweetened hazelnut butter has another advantage: only you decide how sweet the spread should be and what you use to sweeten it.
  • You can mix in some cinnamon in advance with your mush. It gives it a special touch. You can add the cinnamon to the blender at the same time as the hazelnuts. It is best after about five minutes when the hazelnuts are already slightly liquid.
  • You have two options for preparing the hazelnuts: you roast the hazelnuts in the oven beforehand or you put the nuts straight into the blender. If you roast the hazelnuts in advance, you have the advantage that the nuts can then be processed into a pulp much more quickly.
  • Unsweetened hazelnut butter will keep for about four weeks in a dark, cool place.

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