Make Your Own Piping Bag: With Baking Paper Or a Freezer Bag

No piping bag at hand – or not the right one? We’ll show you how easy it is to make a piping bag yourself. Everything you need for this can almost certainly be found in your kitchen. So nothing stands in the way of your baking or decoration wishes.

How to make your own piping bag

Found a great cake recipe but don’t have a piping bag to decorate with? No problem. We know a few tricks that you can use to make a piping bag yourself – from materials that you probably have on hand. The piping bag substitute is suitable for decorating cakes or cold dishes. On the other hand, you can use it to decorate your self-made gingerbread house with pretty snow edges, fill cream puffs with cream, shape shortbread cookies with almonds or make churros from choux pastry, which incidentally are reminiscent of Turkish Tulumba. It does not necessarily have to be an emergency solution to make a piping bag yourself. For decorating or filling biscuits or pralines, for example, the commercially available baking aids often prove to be unsuitable due to their size. A small, homemade piping bag made of baking paper with a mini hole at the top works better.

Make your own piping bag: from the baking paper

If you make a piping bag yourself this way, you determine the size of the hole by how tightly you roll the parchment paper at the tip. That’s how it’s done:

  • Cut out a square piece of parchment paper the size you want.
  • Fold it into a triangle (this will make the bag more stable).
  • Now turn the paper on the table with one tip toward you and roll the left tip inward so it rests on the tip facing you.
  • Then roll the right tip over the resulting funnel so that all three corners are on top of each other.
  • Fold the tips inwards a little and fix the spot with a paper clip.

If you make your own piping bag and use a freezer bag, fill the mixture directly into the bag. Then cut off one of the two corners so that the resulting hole is neither too big nor too small for your project. For a solid mass – for example, if you want to make the piping bag for dough yourself – the hole can be a little larger. On the other hand, if your recipe is more liquid, design the opening correspondingly smaller.

Professional tip: Always fill the piping bag no more than half full, otherwise dough or cream will spill out later when decorating.

Make your own piping bag with spikes

If you would like to make a piping bag with a star yourself, so that you can decoratively shape dough or cream, you need a firmer starting material. An empty coke can is ideal for making such a piping bag attachment yourself. Cut out a strip about 6 cm long and halve it again. Then roll up the thin sheet of metal to a point and stick it firmly from the outside with adhesive tape. Now cut four small prongs into the front of the tip. Your star attachment is ready.

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