Micronutrients Repair And Protect DNA

Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements perform countless vital tasks in our body around the clock. A particularly important task is the repair and maintenance of the DNA, which ensures healthy new cell formation.

What your house has in common with your body

What do you do if you earn 1,000 euros every month for many years, but you really need 1,500 euros?

Very simple: You pay the installment for your house because you don’t want to live under the next bridge.

You also pay the electricity bill because candles are not that much cheaper. The water bill is also a priority because you don’t feel like splashing around among the goldfish. But it is not enough for much more. What happens?

Not much in the first few years. Everything is fine. At some point, however, your roof suddenly starts to leak, the tiles in the bathroom fall off the wall, the plaster in the kitchen peels off and, for lack of a lawnmower, your front yard has long been a meter-high thicket.

Your house is falling apart more and more. For many years you denied it all the care, repairs, and investment it needed. At some point, however, you will have to face the consequences of your years of negligence…

Your body is like your house. If you only provide your body with scant amounts of micronutrients – due to poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle – but it needs much more, it has to set priorities.

The available micronutrients are allocated to the tasks and organs that are acutely necessary for survival, and all other bodily functions that are not directly related to survival end up on the waiting list for the time being.

Of course, these “other bodily functions” are no less important. If they are neglected from time to time, they may not cause any damage.

But if you do this over many years and continuously feed the “less important” bodily functions with only tiny amounts of micronutrients, sooner or later serious health problems will develop.

Micronutrients cannot be formed by the body

Unfortunately, the human body cannot produce the much-needed vitamins (at least most of them) and minerals on its own. So if they are not supplied to him from outside, then he has not the slightest possibility of compensating for this deficiency.

Your roof cannot quickly re-cover itself on its own, and new tiles will not appear on the walls of your dilapidated bathroom as if by magic. You have to be active yourself, namely, buy roof tiles and hire a gang of craftsmen.

The never-ending tasks of micronutrients

Vitamins and minerals have endless tasks in our bodies. They protect it in the form of antioxidants against invaders such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, environmental toxins, and much more (e.g. vitamin C and vitamin E). They are used as building blocks (e.g. iron for blood formation, calcium for bone formation).

They stabilize our nerves (e.g. B vitamins). They are involved in most bodily functions (e.g. vitamin K in blood clotting), and all metabolic processes would be unthinkable without micronutrients. Vitamin C alone is an active participant in 15,000 metabolic processes.

Micronutrients monitor and repair DNA

However, an extremely important task of micronutrients is the maintenance and repair of DNA. Unfortunately, when there is a micronutrient deficiency, this task is neglected.

If you accidentally mistake your finger for the wood when chopping wood, then it is absolutely essential for survival that the blood flow is stopped, that invading germs are destroyed, that nerves and heart calm down again, etc.

All micronutrients that are necessary for this are shipped to the scene of the action in a hurry. It is understandable that in such a case nobody thinks about the maintenance of the DNA. Now you don’t cut off your finger every day.

With today’s diet, however, such small amounts of micronutrients get into the body that they are by no means sufficient for everyday work in the organism, even without bloodthirsty events.

The maintenance of the DNA is thus repeatedly postponed. However, if the DNA is no longer properly monitored, DNA defects will no longer be detected.

Defective DNA, in turn, increases the risk of cancer, accelerates the aging process, and leads to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Micronutrient deficiencies make DNA vulnerable

It is well known that so-called genotoxins such as chemicals, UV light, or X-rays have a mutagenic effect, i.e. they can trigger defects in our DNA.

That’s why we avoid chemicals as much as possible, use sunscreen in the summer, and only have X-rays done if there’s no other option.

Unfortunately, we seldom think that the nutrient deficiencies we impose on our bodies every day due to an unnatural lifestyle can cause damage to our DNA just as bad as chemicals and certain types of radiation.

However, when our DNA is already damaged by our self-inflicted nutrient deficiencies, it is particularly vulnerable to further attacks from the genotoxin camp.

In other words, this means:

If you provide your body with enough micronutrients, then it can calmly repel the attacks of chemicals, UV light, and other mutagenic or carcinogenic substances or radiation.
Study proves micronutrient deficiency carries a cancer risk
A recent study proved exactly these connections. A group of cancer patients and a healthy control group from Scandinavia and Italy were divided into three groups depending on the degree of their DNA defects.

The participants with the most severe DNA damage had 2.35 times (Scandinavia) and 2.66 times (Italy) greater risk of developing cancer than the study participants with the least DNA damage.

It didn’t matter what ultimately triggered the DNA defects (chemicals, radiation, nicotine, environmental toxins, micronutrient deficiencies, etc.). With regard to the increased risk of cancer, only the extent of DNA damage was important.

So this means micronutrient deficiencies carry the same risk of cancer as smoking, chemicals, or other genotoxins.

The usual diet is malnutrition

The statement that today’s usual diet (even if it is designed strictly according to the recommendations of certain official nutrition experts) provides you with an adequate supply of all micronutrients is definitely outdated.

Rather, the supposedly scientifically substantiated recommended daily doses of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements urgently need to be revised in order to optimize the DNA health (genome stability) of the population.

This is the only way to effectively prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s, and the premature aging process.

What can you do?

So what can you do yourself to avoid DNA defects caused by micronutrient deficiencies that can lead to serious diseases? The diet should be changed in such a way that the body is not only sufficiently supplied with all micronutrients, but very well.

If the practice of a healthy diet in everyday life is not successful, well-dosed and high-quality food supplements in combination with regular deacidification and detoxification of the body are the second choice.

It is an effective and affordable method that anyone can use to protect themselves from degenerative diseases. Diseases that are about to drive the health care system of the industrialized countries into foreseeable bankruptcy.

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