Milk Froth: Round Off Cappuccino And Co Perfectly

For many coffee lovers, the milk froth is just as important as the type of bean. Most people love it nice and creamy and firm at the same time. We have put together the best tips for you so that you can achieve this consistency during preparation.

This is how the perfect milk froth succeeds

The coffee smells seductive and is waiting for the finishing touch: the milk froth. Whether latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, or cafè latte (coffee with milk), the quality of the milk froth is a decisive factor in the enjoyment of all these drinks. It is important for success that you use the right milk. The easiest and quickest way to froth low-fat UHT milk is when it is cold. The higher the fat content, the higher the temperature should be during preparation. But never heat the milk above 60 degrees: the protein would disintegrate and with it the foam. Vegans get the best results with soy milk.

Milk froth can be prepared with these devices

To make milk froth, you can use the whisk, but you need to beat intensively for at least three minutes. It is easier with a milk frother: Manual devices work with a sieve through which the heated milk is pressed. There is always a residue that cannot be foamed up. Electrical devices are more efficient here. Rod-shaped, whorl-like models work wirelessly with batteries and froth up small amounts of milk comfortably. If you need a larger amount, we recommend a corded device that heats up to a liter of milk and processes it into foam. If you have not achieved the desired result regardless of the method, a little trick can sometimes help: tap the jar a few times on the table. This eliminates air bubbles and makes the foam firmer. If you have a coffee machine with a steam wand, you can of course use it to produce milk foam. The user guide shows you how to do this.

The pattern in the milk froth: Here’s how

Finally, you can decorate the milk foam by dusting it with cocoa, or with a spicy Chai Latte, you can also use cinnamon. All kinds of shapes can be created with templates. Or, like a barista, apply a pattern when pouring. A heart, for example, is formed when you put the milk froth in the middle of the cup and pull the spout through the circle. Experts create many other great motifs as part of the so-called latte art. If simply pouring it on is enough for you, you can also spice up cold drinks with milk froth, such as our caramel ice cream macchiato!

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