Oven Symbols: What the Symbols Mean

Oven symbols can be a bit confusing at first glance. However, they are very easy to understand and after a short reading, you can start right away. The most important functions are top/bottom heat, circulating air, and hot air.

Oven symbols: This is what the top/bottom heat is all about

You can use the controls on your oven to set both the temperature and the settings. Both are important for your oven dish to turn out well.

  • The top/bottom heat setting means that heat is applied to the food from both above and below.
  • Each of the symbols on the knob is often in a small square that represents the oven.
  • The symbol for top/bottom heat is a bar at the top of the square and a bar at the bottom.
  • There is also only upper heat or only lower heat. These are then displayed with only one bar each.
  • If there is no information about the oven set in a recipe, it usually means upper/lower heat.
  • Use the setting if you only use one baking tray, otherwise, the heating will be uneven.
  • Top/bottom heat is particularly suitable for this: Delicate dishes, baked goods, and meat.

The recirculation function

The convection function is another popular oven setting after the top/bottom heat.

  • With the recirculation function, a fan is added to the upper/lower function, which causes the hot air to circulate inside.
  • The symbol for circulating air is the fan or the top/bottom heat symbol in combination with the fan.
  • Use the convection function if you have food on several trays and need even heat.

The hot air function

Although forced air and forced air are similar, don’t confuse the symbols.

  • You also have a fan as a symbol of the hot air. However, this one is in a circle.
  • With hot air, the heat is distributed even better and faster than with circulating air, since there is another radiator involved.
  • This radiator is located on the back wall of the stove and is symbolized by the circle.
  • However, make sure that you are really allowed to prepare your dish with hot air because not all are designed for it.

Other possible symbols on the controller

In addition to the standard functions, there are many other gimmicks. Since the symbols can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, you should refer to the operating instructions for your oven.

  • Grill function: The symbol is a jagged line instead of a straight line where the top heat is displayed. The more spikes, the stronger the setting.
  • You can also find the grill function in combination with convection. Again, with the purpose of distributing the heat more evenly.
  • The grill function provides crispy layers but usually does not replace a normal grill.
  • Pyrolysis: A type of oven cleaning in which the oven is heated to such an extent that old residue is burned off and afterward only has to be wiped off with a cloth. Here you have to look for the symbol in your user manual, as there is no uniform one.

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