Oyster Mushrooms: These Valuable Vitamins Are In The Mushroom

Many people know the oyster mushroom as an edible mushroom. However, the type of mushroom is not only tasty but also has a positive aspect on health.

The oyster mushroom or oyster mushroom is botanically described as Pleurotus ostreatus. It grows naturally on rotten deciduous trees and feeds on the decomposition products of decayed wood. It is found in many temperate and subtropical forests around the world, but is also easy to cultivate, which explains its triumph as an edible mushroom. Pleurotus is considered a delicacy in Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine. The fungus is also firmly anchored in traditional Chinese medicine because of its supposed effect.

What are the areas of application and what is the effect of the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus)?

Oyster mushroom extracts contain numerous B-complex vitamins that our body needs for metabolism, blood formation, and energy production. D vitamins have also been detected, as well as numerous amino acids.

An important area of ​​application for the fungus is therefore to supply patients with deficiencies with important micronutrients. TCM doctors also recommend Pleurotus extracts in patients with cancer to supplement conventional medical therapies. They also recommend oyster mushrooms in the orthopedic field, namely for lumbago, back pain, tendon disorders, or rigid limbs. Another effect is said to affect the immune system. Anyone who often suffers from flu-like infections is sometimes prescribed Pleurotus by a non-medical practitioner.

In what dosage should the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus) be used?

The oyster mushroom is available everywhere as an edible mushroom. But depending on the growth conditions, it contains different amounts of ingredients. Also, not all people like the taste. That’s why there are tasteless capsules or tablets with dried, powdered oyster mushrooms. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, these are swallowed in several portions throughout the day – ideally with two liters of water or unsweetened tea. Initially, indigestion may occur after ingestion.

What else needs to be considered when using oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus)?

Medicinal mushrooms are not approved drugs as prescribed by doctors. There are studies on the effect, but often only animal experiments or experiments with cell cultures were carried out. Such results cannot be transferred one-to-one to humans. Therefore, continue to take your medication as recommended, and do not stop taking any medication on your own.

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