Pandan Taste: Everything About The Superfood From East Asia

Pandan is a palm from Southeast Asia whose leaves have an intense, vanilla-like flavor. Read about the dishes in which the spice is used and how to use it correctly.

Pandan taste: That’s behind the superfood

The pandan palm is a plant with long green leaves that are a popular spice, especially in Southeast Asian cuisine. There the leaves are either cooked or used as an extract.

  • Pandan tastes intensely of vanilla and has a nutty aroma. This taste makes the spice ideal for baking and sweet dishes.
  • Pandan leaves are difficult to find in German supermarkets. Asian markets rarely sell the leaves fresh, but mostly frozen and as a spice paste.
  • Pandan also stands out because of its green color. This makes pandan extract particularly suitable for coloring food.
  • In addition to its pleasant taste, pandan is also said to have health-promoting effects. However, the exact effect of the superfood has not yet been sufficiently researched.
  • In traditional Thai medicine, pandan is considered a remedy. The leaves are said to have anti-inflammatory effects, help with headaches and regulate blood pressure.

This is how pandan is used

As a spice, pandan goes well with both sweet and savory dishes. The leaves are not eaten.

  • In desserts, pandan paste provides a sweet and vanilla-like aroma. As a result, the spice goes well with pudding, sweet spreads, waffles, and pancakes.
  • Due to its intense color, pandan extract serves as a natural coloring agent. The paste provides bright green color in cakes and pastries, among other things.
  • Rice dishes, meat, and fish can also be seasoned with pandan. The whole leaves are particularly suitable for this. These give off their aroma to the food during cooking and are then removed.
  • Rice becomes more flavorful if you add a pandan leaf to the cooking water. Cuts of meat and fish get a more intense flavor if you wrap them in the leaves before cooking.
  • Pandan extract also tastes great in smoothies, yogurt, or porridge. Please note, however, that the spice will turn the food green.

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