Pills for Diabetes: How Effective are the Preparations?

Slimming pills, weight loss capsules, drops from the Jambul tree: Advertisements are repeatedly aimed at the 6.7 million diabetics in Germany. They give the impression of bringing the solution to life without insulin injections. But in fact, caution is advisable – not only for financial reasons.

Fat binders also bind fat-soluble vitamins

Fat binders, taken as pills before the main meals, are supposed to bind the fats from food and thus help you lose weight. In fact, they act like a fat magnet, but that also has its downsides: They not only bind fats but also fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and drugs such as blood thinners, birth control pills, anti-epileptics, and cortisone. This can massively affect their effectiveness. In addition, fat binders change the stool consistency, there is a risk of sometimes uncontrollable fatty diarrhea, so-called fatty stools. A study cited as proof of effectiveness also does not support the advertised “groundbreaking” effect of the pills, since the participants also changed their diet and completed an exercise program, which would explain the weight loss even without the pills.

No proof of effectiveness for weight loss products for diabetics

Capsules are advertised as the most modern means of weight loss for diabetics, which are intended to reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestinal wall. They are sold as dietary supplements and therefore do not have to provide proof of efficacy. There is no scientific evidence that these capsules really stabilize blood sugar levels in diabetics. As a result, the absorption of medication can be hindered. And without adequate fluid intake, the mucus that forms in the intestines can even lead to symptoms ranging from constipation to a dangerous intestinal obstruction.

Drops from the Jambul tree: effectiveness not proven

As a herbal, homeopathic mother tincture, extracts from the Jambul tree are said to gently regulate blood sugar levels and protect the pancreas, both in type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Supposedly, they should even prevent manifest diabetes mellitus from developing in the first place. However, there is no proof of their effectiveness and there is no obligation to provide proof of homeopathic preparations, as there is for medicines. It has not been proven that over-the-counter pills, capsules, or drops really have any benefit for diabetics.

In any case, the diabetologist treating you should be asked for advice before taking it.

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