Piloxing: Workout With Elements Of Boxing And Pilates

Trend sports such as piloxing like to combine different disciplines into a new workout – in this case, boxing and Pilates. The mixture of cardio and strengthening training should burn a lot of calories and shape the body.

Fit with combination training: piloxing

According to experts, combining endurance and strength training is the ideal form of exercise. In this way, both the cardiovascular system and the muscles are addressed and one-sided stress is avoided. Anyone who wants to lose weight also benefits from this: A high proportion of muscle in the body increases energy consumption – even when at rest. However, many are happy when they find the time to go jogging twice a week. Where else should strength training be incorporated? A hybrid workout like piloxing can be the solution here. The Pilates exercises strengthen the deep muscle groups, and the fast boxing movements and dance routines promote endurance. If you calculate the calorie consumption for all elements, you’ll add up a lot!

This is what piloxing training looks like

The still young sport is only offered in a few studios in Germany, with more and more trainers completing the piloxing training. If no group course is available in your area, you can also get a Piloxing DVD or complete a course on the Internet. You do not need special piloxing clothing, breathable sportswear is sufficient. Those who want to increase the intensity can wear special gloves filled with weights. However, beginners should avoid it because the training is very intense. After a warm-up phase, it’s time to get down to business: during interval training, boxing punches, kicks, and holding exercises follow one another, accompanied by dynamic music. Important: With this sweaty, strenuous workout, you should refrain from eating a large meal before exercising, but you should also not start with empty carbohydrate stores. A good athlete’s breakfast or a high-energy but easily digestible snack before the workout will ensure that you don’t run out of breath.

Beginners should know and bear this in mind

Piloxing shapes and tightens the entire body improving mobility and coordination as well as condition. The inventor of the sport, Viveca Jensen, also wants to give women more self-confidence through the mix of movements. Their program is called “Piloxing SSP” – the SSP stands for “sleek, sexy, powerful” (supple, sexy, strong). In principle, hybrid training is suitable for everyone. If you have not been physically active before, you should start slowly and choose the level of difficulty for beginners. The entire workout takes place barefoot. The body has to get used to that too.

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