Pomegranate Oil: Effect And Application Of The Beauty Product

The healthy pomegranate seed oil is considered a true miracle cure for skin and hair due to its effects. How is the oil used and does it even live up to its reputation? Everything you need to know about pomegranate oil.

Because of its effects, the pomegranate seed oil is mostly used in the cosmetics industry. It also brings many benefits when consumed. The range of applications is wide.

What is pomegranate seed oil?

The oil is obtained from the seeds of pomegranates by cold pressing – and they have it all: the fruits with the red seeds are said to protect against cancer, prevent premature skin aging and, thanks to their bitter substances, have a positive effect on digestion.

But it’s not just the fruits that are good for your health. Thanks to its valuable ingredients, the oil also has many positive effects.

Purchase and storage of pomegranate seed oil

There are a few things to consider when purchasing pomegranate seed oil. You can find pomegranate oil in well-stocked supermarkets, organic markets, pharmacies, and online shops.

However, like most high-quality oils, pomegranate oil comes at a price. On average, you pay around 15 euros for 100 milliliters. However, the prices vary significantly depending on the brand and intended use. Blended oils tend to be cheaper, but they only provide a fraction of the effect.

The oil stays fresh for around twelve months. However, this requires correct storage: keep the essence in a cool, dark, and dry place. The outside temperature should not exceed 20°C.

Pomegranate Oil: These ingredients make the oil healthy

The pomegranate seed oil contains the omega-5 fatty acid punicic acid, which has an enormous antioxidant effect. In addition, one finds different estrogen components in the oil, which can positively influence an imbalanced hormone balance.

Pomegranate seed oil for internal and external use

First of all, it is crucial whether the pomegranate seed oil should be used internally or externally. While some products are purely for cosmetic use because they contain additives, most edible oils can also be used topically. You can usually tell from the label whether it is a food-grade product or purely cosmetic oil.

Internal use of pomegranate seed oil: it has the effect

Food-grade pomegranate seed oil is suitable for internal use. In this case, the oil can either be used pure or as a seasoning oil, for example in salads or on ready-made dishes. The essence is said to be able to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It is also said to provide relief from menopausal symptoms and strengthen the immune system. The oil from the red fruits is now also available in capsule form.

External use of pomegranate oil: how it works

Pomegranate seed oil is often used as a cosmetic product. Pure oil can be used for both skin and hair.

Use on the skin: fight dark circles, wrinkles, and dry skin

The pomegranate seed oil has proven particularly effective as a tincture for the skin. The oil stimulates cell renewal: the application not only tightens the treated areas of the skin but also reduces wrinkles. The precious essence is welcome care for dry skin.

The oil can also reduce dark circles and crow’s feet. In addition, skin irritations, sunburn, inflammation, and small injuries can be successfully treated with the essence. Simply massage a small amount of the oil into the appropriate areas of the skin with your fingertips.

Application for the hair and scalp

Many people suffer from dry, itchy scalps or dandruff. Pomegranate seed oil can provide relief here: massaged into the scalp after washing your hair, it can have a direct effect on the skin and hair roots and provide the necessary moisture. Because regular use promotes blood circulation and supplies the hair roots with nourishment, it is even said to be able to slow down hair loss.

The pomegranate seed oil also unfolds its effect as a treatment for dry hair ends – simply massage a small amount into the lengths, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly.

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