Rice Pudding Made From Boiled Rice: Is That Possible?

Rice pudding made from boiled rice – that doesn’t work

Special rice pudding is short-grain rice and is also called Japanese rice.

  • Short-grain rice is characterized by the fact that it releases a lot of starch when cooked.
  • The rice grains not only become soft during cooking but also sticky, which together with the starch makes the dish creamy.
  • However, this property is not only possessed by specially labeled rice pudding. Other short-grain rice varieties such as sushi rice or risotto rice also have a high starch content and are very sticky.
  • The extremely sticky mochi rice is ideal for the preparation of desserts such as rice pudding.
  • You can, for example, cook a delicious rice pudding yourself from one of the types of rice mentioned, cooked in milk.
  • However, this does not work so well with rice that has already been cooked. Here the strength is already boiled out.
  • If you boil rice that has already been cooked in milk again, it lacks the starch to make a creamy rice pudding – even if the rice type is very sticky.

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