Soup Diet: Lose Weight Fast In One Week

Good news for all soup lovers: you can lose weight in a week with the soup diet. How does the tasty and healthy weight loss method work?

The Soup Diet is an easy and tasty way to lose weight quickly and healthily.

How does the soup diet work?

Anyone who loves soups will be happy because, with this diet variant, a delicious soup is served at lunchtime and in the evening for a week. In the morning you start the day with some fruit and low-fat yogurt or low-fat quark. Small fruit snacks are also allowed between meals.

Which foods are suitable for the diet method?

You can access the vegetables. Whether carrots, broccoli, leeks, or spinach – you can combine all types of vegetables, which is why the soup diet is anything but monotonous. Even vegetables containing carbohydrates such as pumpkin and potatoes are allowed.

However, you should be careful with meat inserts. Only occasionally use lean chicken for your soup creation.

What is not allowed on the soup diet?

You should avoid high-fat meatballs and other meat ingredients (apart from chicken) during the diet. You should only use very small amounts of cream and crème fraîche. Better: Use yogurt or sour cream to refine.

You should also avoid croutons during the diet. As a substitute, you can use pumpkin or sunflower seeds for garnish instead. The kernels are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and therefore a healthier insert.

Which spices are suitable for losing weight?

By adding spices that accelerate fat burning, you can ensure that you burn extra calories during the diet.

These spices are particularly suitable:

  • chili
  • Ginger
  • turmeric
  • Caraway seeds
  • Salt and vegetable broth are also allowed. But should be used sparingly.

How does the soup diet fit into everyday life?

In contrast to other diet variants with complex recipes, the soup diet is easy to integrate into everyday life. Because you can cook a big pot of soup in the evening and have the rest for lunch the following day. In addition, soups freeze very well.

Why are soups good for losing weight?

Soups are easy to digest, especially when pureed and stay in the stomach for a relatively long time. They ensure a feeling of satiety for a long time and it is possible to prevent cravings.

If you do not add cream and crème fraîche, soups are also a low-fat meal. Therefore, a diet with liquid meals is perfect for losing weight. Make sure, however, that after the week-long diet you gradually reintroduce solid food into your diet. In this way, the body can slowly get used to normal food again after the soup diet.

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