Stay Healthy With Garlic

Small stinker, big: The great tuber prevents heart attacks and cancer and improves blood circulation in the brain – that has now been proven. But how much garlic is healthy? Should You Eat Garlic Every Day?

Stay healthy with garlic

What people discovered as edible thousands of years ago in the mountains of Central Asia and what is now thriving on all continents is really a blessing of nature. But why exactly is garlic healthy and how much garlic should you eat every day?

Why you should eat garlic every day

With garlic, a plant is growing in the truest sense of the word against the two most dangerous groups of diseases in the world: cardiovascular disease and cancer. More and more medical studies show this.

That’s why garlic is good for the heart

US researchers have deciphered why the great tuber is so good for the cardiovascular system: When we digest the main active ingredient in garlic, allicin, hydrogen sulfide is produced in the intestine. This substance relaxes the veins – and relaxed veins lower the blood pressure, damaging deposits (arteriosclerosis) in the blood vessels can then form less easily.

Other garlic substances also inhibit arteriosclerosis because they lower cholesterol and make the blood thinner. All of this protects against important arteries, for example to the heart or in the brain, clogging and triggering a heart attack or stroke.

Garlic protects against cancer

Garlic can also prevent cancer – international analyzes show this. Because it provides a particularly large number of sulfur-containing plant substances that act as powerful antioxidants: They protect cells in the body from changes that can lead to cancer.

It has been proven to protect against types of cancer in the digestive tract such as cancer of the mouth, esophagus, stomach or colon. Some studies suggest that garlic also reduces other cancer risks, such as leukemia. However, according to the current state of research, garlic cannot reduce the risk of breast or prostate cancer.

How Much Garlic Is Healthy?

It is best to protect at least two toes every day. In any case, garlic should be used as a seasoning as often as possible, whether raw or briefly cooked or fried.

Prepare the garlic properly

This is how the tuber is prepared correctly:

Cut open the peeled cloves and remove the green shoot from the middle.

Always cook some ginger, because ginger softens the garlic aroma.

Against the smell on your fingers: Simply rub with coffee grounds, then wash with soap.

Anyone who has garlic on their menu every day has already done a lot for their health – and garlic is not only healthy, it also tastes delicious.

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