Study Proves: Thick Legs Are Healthy!

Thick legs have a positive effect on health: This is now proven by a recent study by the American Heart Association (AHA).

These results surprise me! It has long been clear that fat deposits in the abdomen are unhealthy – but this does not appear to be the case with thick legs, as a recent study by the American Heart Society now shows.

Compared to people with thin legs, study participants with thick legs were 61 percent less likely to have high blood pressure.

Thick legs can be an advantage

“We know that fat around the waist is harmful to health, but the same cannot be said of fat on the legs,” study leader Aayush Visaria of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School explained to the media about the surprising result.

This finding is essential for the study results because it shows that those who have thick thighs can have health advantages over people with thin legs.

The head of the study puts it more concretely: “In this study, we found that it’s not just about how much fat someone has, but above all about where the fat is.” To check this, the subjects were differentiated according to where their body fat percentage was particularly high. Participants with thick legs, or more specifically, thighs with a high percentage of fat, achieved significantly better readings, especially when measuring blood pressure. The systolic blood pressure was increased by 53 percent less often, and the diastolic value by 39 percent.

Fat in the legs is not a risk factor

In the future, the thigh circumference could be an indicator of the blood pressure level, Visaria clarifies. This would be a “useful tool” for doctors to assess the risk of their patients. Nevertheless, further independent studies must confirm the results. The fact is, however, that thick legs are not automatically a health risk, but can also be a sign of healthy blood pressure.

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