Such A Healthy And Important Breakfast

When you eat in the morning, your body needs to receive the nutrients it needs, and it will be difficult to make up for the lack of them throughout the day. It is a misconception that you can lose weight by skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast instead of losing weight can have the opposite effect: it’s hard not only to lose weight but also to keep it off. A full, healthy breakfast reduces the possibility of overeating throughout the day and especially in the evening.

What should be a good breakfast?

People who mostly work physically need to eat foods that contain proteins, and a great breakfast of this type would be an English breakfast – an omelet. You can add some vegetables and a slice of grain bread, as well as tea with milk and a slice of low-fat cheese. This breakfast will definitely not make you fat, and your body will be energized for the whole day.

People who work mostly mentally need a light breakfast to help them focus on their work. A breakfast full of carbohydrates is a great source of mental energy. These are mostly natural products such as honey, dried fruit, and muesli, as well as low-fat dairy and fermented milk products.

A portion of oatmeal and fruit can be a light breakfast. If you overslept, muesli topped with kefir or yogurt will help.

What are the benefits of breakfast?

Scientists have proven that:

  • People who systematically skip breakfast have a 5 times slower metabolism than usual, and people who eat breakfast have a 5 times faster metabolism.
  • It is better to eat foods containing carbohydrates before 4 pm. A carbohydrate-rich breakfast is not just a way to fight weight. It also helps to solve circulatory problems in people who are prone to obesity.
  • A full, healthy breakfast, especially one consisting of cereal, helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels. As you know, cholesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
  • A morning meal can also save you from gallstones. After all, any fasting, including refusal to eat breakfast, increases the risk of gallbladder disease.

Features of a healthy breakfast:

  • No matter how high in calories breakfast is, it will not affect your figure. This is because from morning to afternoon, the metabolism is as intense as possible because all the energy that enters the body with breakfast is exhausted throughout the day. But despite this, it’s better to have a healthy breakfast. Nutritionists recommend starting the day with a meal rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.
  • Healthy breakfasts should be nutritious, but not heavy, and varied. Whole grain bread, low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, eggs, chicken, kefir, and yogurt are suitable for such breakfasts. All these products can be used to make many tasty and healthy dishes. For example, a good option for breakfast would be an omelet with vegetables, a salad dressed in sour cream, or sandwiches with hard cheese, and chicken.
  • It’s good to eat cereals for breakfast, especially buckwheat, oatmeal, and rice. It is better, of course, to cook them without sugar in water or skim milk. You can also eat muesli with or without fruit; you can add honey, nuts, juices, and skim milk. However, it is better to avoid smoked meats, sweets, pates, wheat flour baked goods, and other unhealthy foods.
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