Taste of Durian: This is How The Exotic Fruit Tastes

Durian – this is how the queen of tropical fruits tastes

The fruit of the durian is protected by a very prickly shell, which is where the name of the food comes from. It comes from the Malay word “duri” which means spike or thorn.

  • But the skin is not the most prominent feature of the tropical fruit. Durian scores particularly well with a high proportion of provitamin A and vitamin C.
  • However, the durian is not just a vitamin bomb. The fruit also has the unflattering nickname stink bomb. Although durian is prized in Southeast Asia, there are countries, such as Thailand, where the food cannot be eaten in public places. The reason for this is the extremely unpleasant, penetrating smell of the queen of tropical fruits.
  • But that shouldn’t stop you from trying the durian. However, you have to make sure that the tropical fruit is really ripe, otherwise, it will taste just as unpleasant as it smells.
  • You can tell that the durian is ripe by the golden skin, among other things. If you shake the fruit, the sound will be wooden and hollow if the fruit is not yet ripe. However, if you hear the kernels tumbling around inside, the durian is ready to be eaten.
  • If you are a self-confessed pudding fan, you should definitely try the fruit. It tastes like vanilla pudding with caramel and chocolate. However, the fruit is significantly better for your health than these sweet temptations.

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