The Best Foods for Healthy Eating

“Food equals medicine”, not only nutrition doc Jörn Klasen is convinced of that. Many rely on old home remedies and drink freshly squeezed orange juice, for example, to protect themselves against infections. But who knows that kale and co. provide us with more vitamin C than oranges – and with almost all important nutrients? Or which little treats are not only delicious but also help to lower blood lipid levels?

If we see food as medicine, then the old Paracelsus wisdom also applies here: “It depends on the dose.” A bar of dark chocolate or a glass of red wine is good for most people – but the whole bar or bottle is clearly too much. A small handful of almonds provides a boost of essential nutrients and energy, while a whole bag of this munchie would only pass as a snack for extreme athletes – not your average office worker.

Targeted healing with food

Which nutrients are lacking and which need to be restricted vary from person to person and from disease to disease. The therapy plans of the nutrition docs provide clues.

If you are planning to change your diet for health reasons, it is best to seek individual advice from a nutritionist. Most health insurance companies cover the costs of a consultation – according to a doctor’s prescription – in full or at least partially upon request.

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