Vegan Ground Pork – This Is How The Recipe From Rice Waffles Works

Vegan Mett – recipe

Rice waffles are used in vegan Mett instead of minced meat. Nothing has changed about the other ingredients.

  1. You need about 100 grams of rice cakes. In the tip Rice cakes: The snack really is that healthy you can find out more about rice cakes and their ingredients. You will also need 2 onions, tomato paste, water, oil, salt, pepper, and spices to taste. Always use organic ingredients.
  2. Take a bowl and crumble the rice cakes in it. Pour the pieces with 200ml water. If the consistency of the rice cakes is too thick, you can add more water. Let the rice cakes stand a little.
  3. Peel, wash, and dice the onions. Mix them with about 4 tablespoons of tomato paste. Add a tablespoon of oil. Olive oil or sunflower oil is suitable for this. Salt and pepper to taste. If you like, you can add more spices.

Vegan Mett – variations and shelf life

The Mett tastes best when it is left to stand in the fridge. In general, the topping can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. This only works if you always remove the ground pork with a clean spoon.

  • If you like soy sauce, you can use it to make the toppings tastier. Just add a little. Fresh parsley or dill are also suitable as additional spices. Garlic also lends a fine aroma in addition to the onions.
  • If you don’t have tomato paste on hand, don’t despair. You can just use tomato juice instead. Skip the water and let the rice cakes swell in the juice instead.
  • Instead of rice cakes, you can also try corn cakes. Another alternative to tomato paste is to mash up a few tomatoes and stir them into the waffles. Enjoy your meal!
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