Vitamin D Protects Against Diabetes

Vitamin D can protect you better against diabetes than reducing obesity. So take care of your vitamin D levels! Because a lack of vitamin D is very widespread in Central Europe, especially in winter – and not only causes diabetes but many other chronic diseases.

Diabetes due to vitamin D deficiency

A vitamin D deficiency plays a significantly greater role in the development of type 2 diabetes and its precursors than previously thought.

In fact, it was always believed that being overweight was an enormous risk factor for diabetes. It has now been shown that obesity is still an important risk factor for diabetes, but there are other factors that are at least as dangerous when it comes to the development of problematic metabolic diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor that has an even greater impact on the risk of diabetes than obesity.

Yes, you can be overweight but not at risk of developing diabetes simply because your vitamin D levels are within the healthy range, according to a study by Spain’s Universidad de Málaga.

The team of dr. Mercedes Clemente-Postigo determined the vitamin D level of 148 test subjects.

Vitamin D more important than weight loss

The evaluation showed that vitamin D can apparently protect against diabetes despite being overweight, while slim people can develop diabetes despite their normal weight if they have a vitamin D deficiency.

In the Spanish study, overweight study participants had a normal blood sugar level if their vitamin D level was okay. Diabetics, on the other hand, are more likely to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency – even if they are slim and slender.

In terms of diabetes risk, it seems to be much more important to get your vitamin D levels up than to lose weight.

Therefore, first, determine your vitamin D level. This no longer has to be done at the doctors. You can take your own blood (on your finger) at home and have the vitamin D content of your blood measured by a laboratory.

You can order the right vitamin D test set online for less than 30 euros. Within a few days, you will receive the result including the evaluation by mail directly from the laboratory.

Based on the result, you can now use our vitamin D tables to see how much vitamin D you need to take in order to achieve a healthy vitamin D level.

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