Water Chestnut

They look like chestnuts, but are not related to them: water chestnuts are the edible bulbs of an Asian aquatic plant that belongs to the sour grass family. Read the most important information about this food in our product information.

Interesting facts about the water chestnut

The water chestnut is a plant grown for food production in equatorial countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, India, the Philippines, as well as Australia. Thanks to its white, crunchy flesh and sweet, slightly nutty taste, water chestnuts are an ideal accompaniment to many dishes. In Asian cuisine, it can be found as an ingredient in wok dishes, curries, and soups as well as in desserts. The walnut-sized sprout bulbs are also processed into flour.

Purchasing and storage

In contrast to chestnuts (chestnuts), water chestnuts are rarely fresh in this country. They are most likely to be found in Asian shops. If you have bought unprocessed specimens, it is best to store the tubers in a bowl covered with water in the refrigerator. They can easily be stored for three days. You can get peeled water chestnuts in a can in well-stocked supermarket delicatessen departments. Store the preserves in a dark, cool place, they will keep for months to years.

Cooking tips for water chestnuts

Water chestnuts are easy to prepare. Before further use, all you have to do is rinse off fresh sprouts and peel them with a sharp kitchen knife. Rinse canned goods in a sieve and let them drain briefly. A few minutes are enough to cook, but even after a long cooking time, the water chestnut retains its bite and aroma. Sear the Asian specialty together with vegetables and meat in the pan and season the dish with chilli sauce: Our glass noodles with chicken are a delicious water chestnut recipe for this type of preparation. In general, the tubers are an ideal ingredient for every wok pan. They can also be used as a filling or caramelized and served as a special side dish. Raw, the fine pulp is a delicious ingredient in salads. Refine a fruit salad with the exotic treat or try water chestnuts sweetened with syrup in coconut cream.

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