Wax Beans – Yellow Legume Variety

The yellow beans are a plant species from the subfamily of legumes and represent a special form of garden beans. They are also known as butter beans and belong to the green bean family and thus to the legumes. As an annual climbing plant, they do not tolerate frost and ideally grow in sunny and wind-protected garden sections or areas. The wax beans offered today come almost exclusively from bush bean varieties.


These legumes originally come from the tropical and subtropical forests of Central and South America. They were already widespread there in prehistoric times. In the 16th century, Portuguese slave traders brought them to Europe via Africa. Nowadays it is cultivated worldwide, but primarily in Europe and East Asia.


Legumes only have a short summer season. Field beans are harvested in Germany from May to October. In addition to fresh goods and dried seeds, they are also often sold as canned and frozen foods.


This type of bean is particularly tender and has a mild taste.


Both the whole beans and the seeds taste great on their own with herbs, wrapped in bacon or in stews, casseroles, and salads according to our bean salad recipes. For example, add legumes to a vegetable stew recipe.

Storage/shelf life

Since beans can quickly wilt, become stained, and rot, they have a very limited shelf life. Uncooled, they often only keep for a few hours in summer. Up to 2 days in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. The shelf life of wax beans is lower compared to green beans. Wax beans are good for canning.

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