What Are Green Beans?

The illustrious name of the princess bean is no coincidence: the legume, also known as a delicacy bean, is particularly delicate and fine. Learn more about the bean variety.

Worth knowing about green beans

Green beans are small green beans that are harvested young and have no or very small seeds. As a result, they have a tender consistency and can be enjoyed whole with the pod. This distinguishes them from snap beans, which are cut crosswise. The intense and at the same time fine aroma makes the healthy green beans a popular side dish for meat and fish dishes as well as vegetarian or vegan dishes.

Purchasing and storage

Fresh French beans from local cultivation are in season in summer. Make sure the consistency is firm: the legumes should break when you bend them. Imported, frozen and canned goods are available year-round. Fresh green beans should be processed soon and stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of two days. In our expert knowledge, we explain how green beans can best be stored. If you want to freeze green beans, it is best to blanch them beforehand: this way the legumes will keep their beautiful green color and stay crisp. By the way, growing French beans in your own garden is quite easy. The undemanding plants only need a warm, sunny location and otherwise get along with many other types of vegetables in the bed.

Kitchen tips for green beans

Like all green beans, green beans are poisonous when raw. They contain the protein compound phasin, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and nausea, among other things. You should always boil or steam green beans, about ten minutes being enough for the fine French beans to cook. Subsequent quenching in ice water preserves the bite and taste. This way of preparing green beans is recommended for a crisp bean and broccoli salad. Don’t forget to cut off the ends before cooking. A classic recipe for green beans as a side dish is frying them in butter and onions, often supplemented with bacon. You can also serve the legumes wrapped in bacon or wrapped in roast beef.

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