What Are Super Greens?

It’s the emerging new food trend among bloggers and Instagrammers: super greens. The green powder promises a healthy and vitamin-rich diet in powder form. But what is Super Greens anyway and what is in the popular powder? PraxisVITA took a closer look and clarified the most important questions.

What are Super Greens?

Athletes and bodybuilders have reportedly sworn by Super Greens for a long time. These are nutrient-rich powders, usually made from algae and cereal grasses such as spirulina or barley. But “green” vegetables such as avocado, broccoli, and spinach are often the basis of Super Greens. The powder comes in a variety of flavors, including pomegranate and lime. The following foods are mostly processed in Super Greens:

  • wheatgrass
  • barley grass
  • Baobab fruits (baobab tree)
  • Moringa (a shrub from India)
  • Chlorella (micro-algae)
  • Spirulina (micro-algae)
  • Green tea
  • kiwi
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • avocado
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale

What are the benefits of super greens?

Very important: Super Greens are not intended for losing weight. They should only be taken as a supplement to a normal diet.

The thought behind it: Nowadays, many people no longer have the time to take in the necessary vitamins and nutrients through food. Super Greens can be dissolved in water or milk and drunk or sprinkled over food and thus ensure the absorption of valuable ingredients important for the body.

How do Super Greens work?

Super Greens are said to have a lot of positive properties. They are said to prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes and lower cholesterol levels. They promise fast absorption of vitamins and nutrients. New studies show, for example, that the alga chlorella is one of the few plant sources of vitamin B12. Unfortunately, there are as good as no studies that prove the effect on humans. The consumer has to trust manufacturers like “PUR YA” and “Your Superfoods” with the ingredients. Because the different types of grass and vegetables are no longer recognizable as powder. However, this applies to all industrially processed foods.

Who can use Super Geens?

In theory, anyone can eat Super Greens.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Super Greens?

If what Super Greens is said to be true, Super Greens can be an ideal supplement to normal nutrition. Especially people who do not manage to eat a balanced diet can benefit from Super Greens.

Super Greens: This is important to note

Like “superfood”, Super Greens is not a registered term and can be used by anyone. It is an artificial term from media and social networks. All that currently exists on the effects and feedback of the products are the promises of the retailers and the Reviews from (anonymous) users, so you should be more critical of the products.

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