What are the typical prices for street food in the UAE?

Introduction: Street Food in the UAE

Street food is a popular food category across the world, and the UAE is no exception. Street food in the UAE is a diverse and multicultural cuisine that offers a wide range of tastes and options. The street food market in the UAE is vast and offers a diverse range of foods, from traditional Emirati cuisine to Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, and Filipino food.

Typically, street food in the UAE is sold in small carts or stalls, which are popular in every corner of the country, from the bustling metropolis of Dubai to the more traditional towns like Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Street food is an affordable option for people looking for a quick and tasty meal.

A Guide to the Typical Prices of Street Food

Street food prices in the UAE vary, depending on the type of food and the location. A basic street food meal, such as a shawarma or falafel sandwich, can cost between AED 5 – AED 15, while a more filling meal, like a biryani or mandi, can cost between AED 20 – AED 30.

Juices and soft drinks usually cost between AED 5 – AED 10, while bottled water is typically priced around AED 2 – AED 5. Desserts, like baklava or kunafa, can cost between AED 5 – AED15, and coffee or tea can cost around AED 2 – AED 5.

Variations in Prices: Factors that Affect Street Food Costs

Several factors influence the prices of street food in the UAE, including the location, type of food, and time of day. Street food vendors in more upscale areas, such as Dubai Marina or Jumeirah, tend to charge more than those in traditional or less affluent areas.

The type of food and its ingredients also affect the prices. For instance, seafood-based dishes, like grilled fish or prawns, are more expensive compared to vegetarian dishes. Moreover, during Ramadan, prices tend to increase as demand for food rises.

In conclusion, street food in the UAE is an affordable and diverse cuisine that caters to people from all walks of life. The price of street food in the UAE varies, depending on several factors, such as the location, type of food, and time of day. Despite the variations, street food remains an excellent option for people looking for tasty, affordable, and quick meals on the go.

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