What Do You Eat With Pulled Pork? 18 Delicious Side Dishes

Pulled pork is considered one of the highlights of North American barbecue art. The butter-soft meat that is cooked in the smoker is a true taste experience. But: It depends on the right supplement! You can vary the tender pork in many ways – sometimes in the “typical American style”, sometimes with an Arabic touch. Here are 18 delicious pulled pork side dishes at a glance.

18 delicious pulled pork side dishes

You can serve a wide variety of side dishes with pulled pork. As with any barbecue, you can also vary here as much as you can. We have put together 18 delicious side dishes for pulled pork that particularly impressed us.

Homemade sauces

If you prepare your pulled pork in the typical North American style, the barbecue sauce should not be missing! It tastes especially good if you prepare it yourself. This has the advantage that you can determine the amount of sugar yourself. Store-bought sauces are delicious, but unfortunately mostly very sweet. You can easily mix barbecue sauce yourself as soon as you have the right ingredients:

  • some honey
  • tomato paste
  • apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar
  • smoked salt
  • Worcester sauce
  • pepper

Simply mix together according to taste and you’re done! Yogurt sauces, tzatziki, pesto, or ketchup also go well with pulled pork.

Burger bun

The burger bun is the classic among the pulled pork side dishes. With the right barbecue sauce, pickled cucumbers, and onions, the pulled burger is irresistible. You can bake the burger buns yourself or buy them ready-made.

Tip: Cut the burger buns in half beforehand and place them on the grill. This makes them crispy and gives them a tasty taste.

Cole slaw

Cole Slaw is the American coleslaw. It is made from white cabbage, carrots, onions, and mayonnaise. Alternatively, you can use sour cream, sour cream, or balsamic vinegar instead of mayonnaise. Cole slaw goes well with any barbecue and makes a great accompaniment to pulled pork.

Tip: Instead of white cabbage, you can also use pointed cabbage. The leaves of the pointed cabbage are more tender and can be seasoned better.


Freshly baked flatbread is one of our favorite pulled pork side dishes. The dough can also be used for stick bread. So if there are children around, it is certainly always a good idea for a barbeque. You can also bake the yeast dough on the grill. You just have to put it on thinly enough, otherwise, it will have to bake for too long.

Sheep cheese

If you want to add an Arabic touch to your barbecue, feta cheese is a good choice. You can put the tender meat in a flatbread like with the doner kebab and vary it with tzatziki, onions, and cole slaw.


French fries always work! The fried potato sticks are also a good choice as an accompaniment to pulled pork.

Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes are a perfect side dish for any barbecue. They are easy to prepare, taste super delicious, and are also healthy. You can also add rosemary to the potatoes. This intensifies the taste and the crispy baked herbs give a delicious extra kick.

Potato salad

Another potato side dish is the well-known potato salad. It’s not just a must when barbecuing with friends, it also makes a great side dish with your pulled pork. Whether with mayonnaise or alternatively with yogurt or a vinegar-oil dressing.

Mac and Cheese

Not quite as healthy as the baked potato, but still delicious are macaroni and cheese. The American favorite can even be eaten with barbecues in the USA. The whole thing tastes particularly delicious with a little barbecue sauce over the tender meat.


Whether baked beans or green beans wrapped in bacon: the popular legume is a great side dish for pulled pork. Beans are also high in healthy nutrients, making them one of the healthier options for pulled pork side dishes.

Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables such as aubergines, peppers, carrots, champions, or corn are of course always an option and are therefore one of the most popular pulled pork side dishes. Tomatoes or potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil are also great for grilling. We recommend butter and salt with the corn on the cob.

Tip: By the way, you can not only grill vegetables wonderfully: Certain types of fruit can also be prepared great on the grill. Try it with fresh pineapple!

Green salad

If you prefer to eat your veggies raw, here’s the good news: As with any other barbecue, green salads are always a good idea with pulled pork.

Red cabbage salad

Another salad that is a good side dish for pulled pork is red cabbage salad. Due to the gentle preparation, it does not lose any of its valuable ingredients.


Rice always tastes good with pulled pork, especially if you want it to have an Arabic touch. Simply serve with tzatziki or yogurt sauce, onions, and feta cheese.

Onion rings

You can’t say no to these rings! The fried onion rings give your pulled pork the typical American touch and taste incredibly delicious. With us, you will find out how you can make the popular onion rings yourself.

Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is a popular barbecue side dish, making it a great addition to your next pulled pork. You can grill the corn on the cob or prepare corn on the cob from the pan. To do this, you must first boil them and then fry them in a pan with melted butter and season with herb salt.

Vegetable pan

It’s no longer a secret that vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to pulled pork. But fried and mixed in a vegetable pan, it tastes particularly good. There are no limits to your creativity here. Everything that tastes good can go in the pan.

Mashed potatoes

Another delicious potato side dish is the well-known mashed potatoes. Refined with cheese and fried onions, it tastes particularly good with pulled pork.

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