What Helps Against The Smell Of Garlic – Tips Against Odor Nuisance

Although garlic is healthy, the smell of garlic is very unpleasant. With our five tips you will quickly get rid of the smell.

Garlic is a very healthy herb, but the smell after eating is often very unpleasant.
To get rid of the smell of garlic, herbs, coffee beans or lemons will help.
To prevent the smell, you can also remove the garlic from the food before serving.
Garlic gives many dishes a spicy note and is also healthy: the herb has an antibacterial effect and protects the heart and blood vessels. If only it wasn’t for the smell. After eating, an unpleasant smell of garlic usually remains in the mouth. We give you five tips on how to quickly get rid of the annoying smell of garlic.

5 remedies against garlic smell in the mouth

In most cases, simple home remedies help to get rid of the smell of garlic in your mouth:

1. Herbs

The essential oils in herbs help banish the annoying smell of garlic. Therefore, chew parsley, sage or mint. A minute or two of chewing is usually enough. Chewing ginger can also help, but this may be too spicy for some.

2. Coffee beans

You can also get rid of the smell of garlic with coffee beans: chew on a coffee bean for a few minutes – this neutralizes the smell.

3. Lemon pieces

The next method, while highly acidic, is effective: eat a few pieces of lemon. The acidic lemon gets rid of the garlic smell.

4. Milk

Milk helps against the smell of garlic. It is best to drink a glass of milk and hold the liquid in your mouth for a while, then the smell will dissipate fairly quickly. If you drink milk while eating, you prevent the unpleasant smell.

5. Don’t eat garlic

Another tip to prevent garlic odor: cook the garlic, but don’t eat it. Garlic gives sauces, dips or dressings a delicious taste. However, this still works if you fry the garlic or add it to the marinade, but remove it again before eating. The tuber can still give off some taste, but the smell of garlic in the mouth is significantly reduced.

Get rid of garlic smell on hands

The smell of garlic can not only be annoying in the mouth: Most of the time, the hands smell strongly of it when you cut the tuber into small pieces for cooking. Here, too, the smell can be chased away with a simple trick: rub your hands with a little salt and a few squeezes of lemon juice. Leave it on for a moment and then wash your hands with lukewarm water. The smell of garlic is gone.

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